I like themed music videos so here's my latest find, HENGE - New Planet (City Guys Remix) youtube.com/watch?v=J6nwllR2a3

Fran Blanche transferred this 16mm animated public information film ZZZAP!!!!! from 1970 - OK I clicked thinking it was the computer magazine but pleasantly surprised it wasn't.

More mechanical mischief from Tim Hunkin revealed today, The Quantum Tunneling Telescope - adds dramas to featureless views out to sea. youtube.com/watch?v=I8wF9RHV26

Bottom of a box in the garage find. What do you think? Should I EBay? RARE vintage computer tape ~£100 ? sold-as-seen no refunds etc

What I find strange is people used to have the money to go out and buy even "budget" games that would have meant missing out on 20 weeks of 10p mix from the newsagent no way were we getting £1.99! Apart from the xmas prezzie with whatever games came with it, it was C90s acquired at school. youtube.com/watch?v=SKTQMlftmN

I pick these up for the little batteries to put in various projects. I've heard of aspirational marketing so wonder why vapers/vapists go for what you might consider a moderate career goal or do they make these to suit your profession already?

All these years doing it the hard way & just a little bit of cloth would have helped youtube.com/watch?v=cAGiuXOKKi

Listen to Big Clive if you see Microwave Oven Transformers projects online. (besides the spot welder ones) youtube.com/watch?v=FBeSKL9zVr

bigclivedotcom is Hot pink and dangerous (just how we like it).

Another splendid piece of pink danger-ware for exploration.

This ticks every box including melting paint and the smell of hot plastic when left on for a while.
Extra points for the inappropriate LED resistor and flimsy copper coated aluminium flex.

On a plus note this one will probably keep your cup of coffee quite hot. Probably best to remember to switch it off afterwards though.


Good morning! Fresh from Tim Hunkin - PROTOTYPES -The Secret Life of Components, a series of guides for makers and designers 13 youtube.com/watch?v=uY1ZbLlQwq

Faulty DMG GAMEBOY repair - I assumed mine with this fault was cartridge pins. May need to find that Y screwdriver & take a closer look! youtube.com/watch?v=Tmx1Q0gjr_

No, can't be true that a company would sell something that fell short of basic expectations so you have to mod them as soon as they arrive. What? No? youtube.com/watch?v=yw747J-9F1

Ten Great 128 BASIC Improvements Over The - Damn, I just packed the 128 in the wardrobe because I only ever used it in 64 mode so got the breadbin out instead. 8-Bit Show And Tell :

Using X-Copy Pro 5 & D-Copy 3.1 on the no luck, so many read errors. Should I buy a ?

RT @patdennis
Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

Just recycling an old creation of mine since it's #zxspectrum #zxspectrum40 nostalgia time, and because who doesn't love a bit of wirewrapping!?

ZX Spectrum breakout board: github.com/linker3000/ZX-Spect

Not seen this for years! My old Got me through school & helped with #6502 . Forever doing [mode] 3 to [mode] 0 and back again.

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