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Just reading your latest blog post. Apart from being interesting and apart from not tracking me. Hot Damn, that is a fast website! Ya hear that, Rest Of The Web? Get your act together!

A better phone is a phone made better. 💚 That’s why we use sustainably sourced and recycled materials. ♻️ Our #Fairphone4 is now available for pre-order.

Check it out:

One day I will learn. Never ask two questions in one email.

Any DRM-free bookshops who would like to write an introduction article about themselves, what you do, the kinds of ebooks you stock, and why selling DRM-free is important to you - DM me!

I'd LOVE to host an article that highlights your ebookshop!

If NFTs have any value it's in making a mockery of the concept of ownership.

It's frustrating how cryptocurrency has poisoned all conversation about decentralization.

Misfeature: a feature implemented in good faith but not a good idea

Antifeature: a feature implemented in bad faith to intentionally make software act against the interest of its users

I interviewed a guy who was actually in the movie for today's episode!

E-paper is one of my favorite technologies. There is something that I find incredibly magical about this surface that looks like paper and ink just changing on its own. Such an underappreciated technology.

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Week 2 of Malkovich Malkovich Minute Minute features Ben Bostock of Trainspotting Minute by Minute.

Our new #Fairphone USB-C 3.2 Long Life cable is lifetime-lasting, fast-charging and multi-purpose! 💪

Never worry about charging cables again and cut down on e-waste with the cable that’s designed for true longevity ➡️ :

Finally, it begins. The first proper week of Malkovich Malkovich Minute Minute starts today with guests Niall and Jon from Bat Minute. My serialised interview with Phillip Huber, the puppeteer who did the marionette performances on Being John Malkovich, starts tomorrow.



When all you can think of is technology, walking and cycling is not even an option 🤦🏼‍♀️


Those guys are completely nuts. My account is a pseudonym: I started to criticize bitcoin with my real name and recieved insults & threats on my personal email. I've been on internet since the 90's and can tell bitcoiners is the worse internet community ever : a dangerous cult.
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This is #Bitcoin  in a nutshell.

I’m pretty f***ing sure this wasn’t Satoshi’s vision.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate a phone manufacturer telling us not to buy phones so often?

New Firefox design: gorgeous, simple, I love it.

Mozilla getting roughly half-a-billion dollars from Google every year while purporting to fight the good fight on privacy and human rights: not gorgeous, hypocritical, I don’t love it.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Mozilla #Firefox

Projects I would like to get into, but sadly have no time for:
- Adding Squeekboard settings (theming, haptic feedback) to postmarketOS Tweaks
- Kirigami UI for Contrac (
- Developing a simple Screenshot and screenrecording GUI for Phosh

Just dropping this here in case anyone has time on their hands and no idea what to fill that time with. 🙂

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