I'm reaching out for advice. What libre tools do people recommend for:

Generating an RSS feed?

Having episodes show up on a human-readable website?

P.S. Can't afford a VPS so no root access.

@Austin I always used Podcast Generator when I was going podcasts.

It was super easy to use with just about any web host, both the website and the admin was easy to use, and it's open source with a GPL3 license!

Heya @Austin - I don't know what kind of suggestions you're going to get, but if you wanted to look at something that does Activitypub (as well as generating an RSS feed for your podcast, etc - heh! Hard to do a podcast without one, right?), have you looked at Funkwhale?

I hope you'll get a variety of things to check out, too.


Cheers. I've been meaning to spend some time with funkwhale. I love the idea of it but I had never thought of it in a podcasting context


is great. they also have an rss generator. other static site generators are more trouble than theyre worth.


Cool, thanks. Wouldn't I need root for that, though?

@Austin the podlove WordPress plugin is very popular among German podcasters

Thanks. I saw that among the options on WordPress. I wish I had known it was libre software. WordPress has no way to filter by licence.

Thanks. Interesting. Although I think it'd be a bit beyond my technical comfort level.

@Austin you can get a VPS for literally $5 a month you can't afford that? you'll have a hard time using server-side FOSS (well, anything server-side really) if you can't rent use of a virtual server. you could run a server from a Raspberry Pi or something but you'd need to use one of those tricky dynamic DNS services unless you have a static IP.


Thanks for the advice. Where can I get a VPS FOR $5 a month?

@Austin Vultr is super cheap. Digital Ocean has a $5 option too. So does EC2 and in fact if you sign up to AWS you can use a basic EC2 VPS for free for a year. No strings.

@Austin @aspie4K In North America, Digital Ocean and Linode have $5/mo plans. Hyperexpert has a $2/mo VPS plan (though there may be reasons for the cheapness)

@kinetix @Austin I can personally vouch for DO. EC2 is worth consideration too if money is an issue since you get a free year. But it's more difficult to do things that are simple on most VPS providers e.g. setting up IPv6 on AWS is a clusterfuck, whereas on DO it's a single tickbox.

@Austin Haven't used it in a while, but Podcast Generator was pretty easy to set up and run-

Hopefully helpful note about monetization: protocol defines (apart from other things) a way to get voluntarily paid for broadcasting in a decentralized way.
This has been implemented in the Bitcoin world and so users are directly streaming money to the podcasters (essentially voluntarily pay per second)

This has been implemented in couple of apps, e.g.

Good read is
#Breez #Podcast #lightningnetwork


Cheers. That's very interesting. I'd love to something like that take off. Got some reading to do.


in this guide (in Italian) they teach you how to load a podcast on and then their site will create a rss for you

@Austin I used Wordpress (free) with the blubrry plugin (free) for my podcast ( when it was being broadcast to generate RSS.

OK. Thanks for that tip. I've actually sorted my podcast hosting woes but now I just need to know everything about the Church of the SubGenius!

@Austin Praise “Bob” ! Your journey of a thousand grins has just begun. Get slack!


I certainly will not. Why don't you get Matrix? 😜

@Austin but of course I speak of the slack of “Bob”. Not even Slackware, although named for same. There is software called Slack, some like, others no.

The SubGenius media empire is vast...“Book of the SubGenius” and “Pamphlet Number One: The World Ends Tomorrow and You May Die!” for written details... “Arise!” and “J. R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius” for video... “The Hour of Slack” for audio...


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