Agricultural infrastructure and gardens of Slobodzeya are in the focus of attention of the President | Новости Приднестровья

NATOren goi-bilkuraren aurkako manifestu internazionalista
Ipar Atlantikoko Itunaren Erakundea (NATO) dugu inperialismoaren aginduak jarraitzeari uko egiten dioten nazio soberanoak erasotzeko AEBk darabilen tresna. Beraz, eliteen mesederako erakunde terrorista dugu, Jugoslavian, Afganistanen, Iraken, Libian, Sirian eta abarreko herrialdeetan populazio zibilaren aurkako bonbaketek

This war in Ukraine is getting too serious and plus Russia is doing everything to gained more territory then I ever seen in my life.

#OtD 9 Jun 1963 civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer was arrested in Mississippi on trumped up charges and brutally beaten in jail on the orders of police. She had previously been sterilised without consent, as were many other Black women

It a shame that Boris Johnson is still in power after that no confidence,to be honest he need to go,and he should be resigned.

Nighttime is getting real close,plus I need to get some sleep,so I won't be late for anger class.

New Look,New style,but the same old me,but with a new look,but honored the Soviet identity as well.

It hard to meet your future soulmate but then again under your family they can't let you date,why,cause they don't want you to have a girlfriend or someone cause they think they concern about knowing how bad this person is,if they might asked you for money,or played you,or anything they do,it a reason why people can put you don't and don't want you to find love,for that I'm getting tired of that,and it making me mad,so to be honest I'm a grown man and it time to shape my own future and that it.

Sunday is a trip,now I know why I deal with this,always.

The world can be too understand but knowing in this generation there a little hope for more then what it have in this new era of technology and what not,sometimes it need a lot of hope to spark something good in this life today just now.

Well it official my first time on mastodon,it hard to put words into action,but he'll sometimes it not easy to be honest so let hope this will be a good way around.


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