Our first blog post is out there 😃
We shared some thoughts about what guided us during the creation of our logo...

Nice link with The mushroom at the end of the world, a fascinating investigation of how futures may be hacked from (or brought to) a collapse of the present, unplanned, on the margins

However, not exactly *hopeful*. So many unbridled fantasies on the loose in that mycelial mushroom-society, many over-invested identities and tunneled visions. Federation is a mixed aspiration I guess, and autonomy a basically mistaken expectation? Maybe a mushroom isn't the kind of collective that humans are built for - after all, unlike mushrooms, humans have minds and heart-mind. fruitful analogies here, though - and facinating ethnography. People! You couldn't make 'em up!

Anna Tsing's mushroom investigation is really helpful on capitalism & 'post' capitalism (aka post-apocalypse). The great majority of lives that she describes aren't 'capitalist'. But just enough of the trajectory of all these lives *is* capitalist - the bulking and shipping of mushrooms to Japanese wholesale markets - to maintain capitalism as a hegemonic system. And apocalypse as a likely event. And constitutes margins as *margins* rather than, say, orders of mutuality or compassion.

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