Today, the Bonfire team is excited to announce our beta release 🔥🎉

We’re aware that Bonfire still needs a lot of work - like ensuring it federates as expected and improving configurability, accessibility and user experience - but that’s the point: we decided to launch at this stage with the intention of building the 1.0 release as a community.

🗞️ Blog post:

🌈 Signup on the playground instance:

@bonfire what is the difference between this and other Federated sites like mastodon or pleroma?

@Relected bonfire tends to be an extensible and highly configurable platform (aka framework) to develop any kind of federated apps, that goes beyond microblogging (think at federated calendar / tasks coordinations / governance / and so on)

@bonfire ah so its like the nextcloud of the fediverse
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