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#introduction Comradery is a new subscription payment platform that is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by every creator who uses it. Learn more about us and sign up for early access to be a creator at

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That sounds similar to what we initially built for MoodleNet, and will be happy to reimplent in an interoperable way in Bonfire.

New blog post: "Let a thousand bonfires bloom

Dopamine and attention manipulation are not inherent properties of a social network. They can be replaced by healthier behaviours and other ways of connecting humans and exploring collective intelligence..."

"Working towards a future where communities can assemble their own social networks like lego blocks, to cultivate safe and private spaces while being interconnected with the rest of the "fediverse" and the internet at wide on their own terms."
-- we've just updated our new bonfire homepage :)

We've just published a new blog post "Why are we building yet another (federated) todo list app?"

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Where's the new #socialcg IRC room located and is there a good matrix bridge for it? Just realized with the freenode debacle it probably migrated.

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I personally think it's a great idea, and while it isn't yet on our roadmap, we have discussed implementing wiki-style functionality before. Would have to look into what protocol fedwiki uses though (probably not ActivityPub)...

- Mayel

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Nice link with The mushroom at the end of the world, a fascinating investigation of how futures may be hacked from (or brought to) a collapse of the present, unplanned, on the margins

Our first blog post is out there 😃
We shared some thoughts about what guided us during the creation of our logo...

@mbajur yes, we're building graphql APIs for it, though not all extensions have them yet

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@bonfire will it be possible to use Bonfire as an API-only service? So i can build my own solution on top of it?

No matter what - that project sounds super exciting. Something i was planning to build but never had enough free time

Happy to unveil the Bonfire iconography, along with an updated website: That's one aspect we're working towards, yes.


The Bonfire team will operate an instance of the AP server in the cloud for users of the device (and potentially others).

Whether and how anyone will set up open instances of the apps is TBD.


The device is not required (though would be the easiest to get set up). You could run the apps on another device at home, like a Raspberry Pi, regular server, or even on your personal computer (though they'd of course only be usable when it is online). You could also host them in the cloud, though we want to discourage that.


TL;DR: Try out Elixir, we think you'll like it! For example Phoenix LiveView enables building reactive apps without all the JavaScript ;)


Also note that this would mean missing out on all the libraries (be they a generic AP implementation, circles functionality, a search index, a collection of UI components, etc, etc) that we are developing to make it easy to build something bespoke without having to rewrite all the common functionality from scratch...

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