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“Because Web 2.0, while it started out as a freedom-inspiring thing, has been coalescing to being a dangerous form of locking-in…If the Web is Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Web 2.0 is Small Pieces Trapped In A Silo.”

In case you missed it:

There's one search engine in that list that should interest the Indieweb.

5 Good Coronavirus News Sources Listed
I added a new category in the directory for Coronavirus news.

I've listed 5 good news outlets that I have run across over the last week.  Each one is unique and I tried to explain why in the descriptions.

Like: Detailed tests of search engines: Google, Startpage, Bing, DuckDuckGo, metaGer, Ecosia, Swisscows, Searx, Qwant, Yandex, and Mojeek
Like:  Detailed tests of search engines: Google, Startpage, Bing, DuckDuckGo, metaGer, Ecosia, Swisscows, Searx, Qwant, Yandex, and Mojeek | LibreTechTips
Since my last article, many o

Weeklyish Summary: – 22 February 2020
New Listings

Love is Zero - Is a site submitted by the owner just today.  What makes it stand out to me is it's a really well done fusion of Geocities type sites translated to Wordpress.  It just gives out a great '00's vibe while also taking advantage of some of the extra features Wordpress provides.  Also, there is a lot of original

A Linear Webring for Members
We have a new Linear Ring for Blogs.  It's open to any blog, hosted of self-hosted that posts into the community.

Micro.bloggers can submit whatever section of their blog that they want, whatever they thing will most engage readers.  So, for example, if you have just a category for long form posts you can submit that category.  Likewis Blogs Linear Ring Blogs Linear (Web)Ring
This is a linear webring (heh, if there can be such a thing) open to any blog(s) that participate by posting to the social network community.  Both MB hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs are welcome.

Member List.

What's all this then?
I tried making a conventional webring and failed.  You can read about that here if you wish.  But most we

There will be no Webring Revival for the Masses
I've spent the better part of two days setting up a "The Unofficial Webring", troubleshooting as to why my browsers blocked the ring code on my Hugo blog but let it pass on my Wordpress blog, researching and looking for alternatives.  All for nothing.

A webring is pretty worthless if all the browsers are going to bloc

How Many Bing Using Search Engines Can We Handle?
There is a whole raft of new search engine startups plus many established players that all share one thing: their primary search source is Bing.   Which leads me to the question of: how many Bing powered search engines can the market absorb?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing search engine projects for using Bing nor am I criticizing Bi

Bookmark: 9 Best Private Search Engines for 2020
Bookmark: 9 Best Private Search Engines for 2020 | Restore Privacy
This new and improved guide aims to be the most in-depth resource available on private search engines. We’ll examine the best private search engines for 2020, how to keep your data safe when searching, and also some search engines to avoid.
This is in-depth, more so than all the oth

Bookmark: Kicks Condor Updates HerfHunt
There is an updated HrefHunt page for 27 January 2020 by Kicks Condor.  HrefHunt is Kick's monthly trawl of distinctive sites he's found on the Web and is always an entertaining surf opportunity.  He really does a deep dive in exploring each site and telling you why he likes it.  Nicely, displayed too.

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