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Fuck me it's hot!

A week ago there weren't even leaves on the trees around here and now I'm melting.

what shift key do you use (boost pls)

Attended a black tie back for local rugby club and was photographing couples in a formal setting - but I forgot a vital piece of equipment. The smallest cold shoe clip so I could mount the flash gun to the lightstand. Thank goodness for Sellotape.

Tolkien: I am going to write more background about a fictional world than anyone.

Microsoft: Laughs in Contoso

I have had so much fun the last few days on Mastodon (or #retrodon as you all want to call it) - it’s like I’ve gone back in time to when social media was the exciting, ground breaking concept we all hoped it would continue to be. Before it was ruined by capitalism. I’m very happy.

Excited! Off to Brands Hatch today to watch GT World Challenge. VIP tickets too, donchano!

@bresserphotos i think it can! i've found a few reddit posts from people using it that way and it does mention "New VR 360 and 3D effects for working with 360º and 3D stereoscopic footage" in the release notes here


In #Sudbury, #Suffolk, #England, as part of a historic tradition, the Mayor has to eat the grass from the common land to check it is suitable before cattle and horses are allowed to graze on it 😁


So... How to do my
I worked in tech & wrote about tech most of my career. I edited magazines on electronics and computing through the 80s and 90s. I have no degree - I barely have any formal education but I have a 'can do' attitude. That helps a lot.
I moved out of the tech or environmental tech area more than a decade ago to develop my first (possibly techy) love of photography. I photograph people, products and places around Kent, UK. Sometimes I take photographs for fun too.

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Black Swans Rugby team. Ladies team of Swanley RFC. Season's now over but looking forward to 22/23 starting in September.

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