Seemingly is trying to find a way to lose any community goodwill it may have had and take itself out of the pool of viable options for those looking to .
Meh. Time to too I guess...

Let me help out #gitlab and delete my account myself 😉

@lil5 @caesar yesterday I spent quite some time going though all my repos there and migrating them elsewhere, but one thing caught my eye: most of other members of those repos (scientific or not) haven't been active (not even logged in) since 2017. There was only one other person who logged in the whole 2022. That was shocking to me. But it also means that is practically abandoned.


@lil5 @caesar

There are many great projects there on, but number of active users on Gitlab, at least in my circles that have logged in at least once in the first half of 2022 is only 2 one of which is me! Comparing it to Github or Codeberg, it kinda is clear why they want to cut their costs this way.

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