Great. I'm already a half an hour past my bed time ... but the Monday holidays really messes shit up. I had to work today, but still.

One hard part of Monday is trying to remember what you were doing last Friday.
There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

ever since I've started bringing tulsi and ginger into my diet, I've started to feel better in general; less random digestive issues, and so on. Might not be cause and effect at play, here, though I think they correlate.

4,198,220 accounts
+37 in the last hour
+934 in the last day
+6,663 in the last week

listening to other people watching tiktoks is a layer of hell I never knew existed
taking a picture of a globe is a great exercise in map projections
For some reason my Wechat account from 6 years ago doesn't exist anymore. Anyone with an active Wechat account willing to vouch for me?
All my HDMI cords are now sorted by length and connector combo (full HDMI, micro, mini) and hung up on the inside of my closet door and this is so much nicer than cramming them into various drawers! Next up: USB
Super excited to be featured on @Auth0's new podcast "Identity Unlocked" talking with @vibronet all about OAuth 2.1! Give it a listen here!
I'll be hanging out at ActivityPub Conf this weekend, starting with my live Q&A session tomorrow! I'm always happy to chat about all things OAuth and authentication! Check out my recorded talk ahead of time, and join the discussion on the forum!
Thanks for the fun Q&A session about my OAuth 2.1 + ActivityPub talk! Happy to chat more here or on IRC or in the forum thread!

My site rebuild,though, will have an actual fediverse object associated with it. Currently the identifier is empty.

I will let you guys know,but I think that as of the 17th of this month,we're going to have a bit of downtime on my site; server is being moved to my state ... yea. Moving from FL to Somerville, MA.

I am finally up here, though need to move the rest of my stuff, since all my data points to the other instance I was on.

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