I was looking at the Matrix protocol yesterday, and I discovered the pinecone project. How is that different from the already decentralized landscape?

Let's consider #ElonMusk. He idealizes a lot but has little relevant experience. The ideas are also dwarved by his enormous self-interest, which is consuming way too many bodies while acheving little towards his ideas... and it's obvious that people are disillusioned. Now, if the #Twitter deal is forced through, I bet he's not gonna even consider leading the platform (much less keeping the "free speech" promise). But it's not like he cares about his leadership.


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@nyquildotorg Still annoyed at Mozilla for watching google try to kill RSS and just kinda shrugging and going right along with it

With #PeerTube, devs can embed the PeerTube player on their website and control it using the embed API
👉 github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube #FreeTheContribution

✨ Hello Direct Messages!

Our official #pixelfedApp is almost ready for primetime!

The private beta is going well, and we look forward to opening it up to the public in the coming weeks!

Last night I had a dream where it was the first day of high school, and I ended up with 5 assigned seats because I had one for every email address I use.

money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm finally leaving my abusive household in a few days.

I'm generally running short on money for important bills (I've had to buy a bunch of things for the move), but also ideally i need to have a bit less pressure to work because things are getting worse here, I'm struggling and it's going to be tough to move and adjust.

If you could spare something I'd really appreciate it:

Commissioning me would also still help!

So far, my existing feti accounts now are: cambridgeport90@tube.tchncs.de, cambridgeport90@tchncs.de (on Mastodon), and this Mastodon account. I do have a friendica account at trom.tf, though I don't use it. It won't matter soon if I can host my own Matrix server, but do I want to use the big ban list, is the question, now.

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my reputation as a whole on the fediverse, so pray to any deities who will listen that I can save face.

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I have one more environment from which I can join back up with them, though I will then pose my question in a very different fashion, if I choose to post it at all. If you are looking for me on Matrix, looks like I have to use my OpenSUSE.org fallback, unless the Matrix protocol starts looking for users based on patterns of user names (it's always cambridgeport90 at the beginning of it... for now), but that could change if they decide to go the pattern route, which in the long run could hurt

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Either way, now, due to a lot of servers using the ban list held by matrix.org, my account over on chat.tchncs.de, is affectively now nonexistent, because it's so difficult to find a Matrix server that does not share that ban list.

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I do not share the author's concerns about the Matrix protocol, in fact, I want to see it grow huge. But he basically made a claim that because the company providing funding for it was originally founded in Israel, that means that they have the phone number of every single American. I was attempting to question that view, and get some correct info from the big guns to possibly write a corrective dritique.

I have in affect lost my Matrix account on my preferred homeserver, all due to a mistake in posting an article that is evidently against their code of conduct even though if anybody was posting comments and opinions against it, it was the author of the article in question. I think the bot misunderstood me as being racist because I made an extrapolation regarding their motives possibly against minorities.

Here's a repeated ask for help with fixing #federation between #mastodon and my self-hosted #writefreely instance. If you have writefreely on a server of your own and got #activitypub working, then please lend me hand.

Can anyone recommend some cool Gemini capsules? Boosts appreciated.

There are seven mathematic problems, so called "Millenium Problems", with a prize tag of $1 million attached to each of them. One got solved and the mathematician (Perelman) rejected the prize because he thinks it's unfair.

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/155

I believe they've changed what the C in CDC stands for. Reading between the lines, it seems clear that the C now stands for "Conan."

"To crush the disabled, to see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the infirm."

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