I think I am going to reinstall Sengi; after all, I need a better client for this stuff.

Just had to unfollow two bots; love them,but if you're gonna create a bot, at least give us the option of displaying its content in our language so that we don't accidentally fill our timelines with gibberish. I'm all for multiple languages, multiple cultures ... not saying anything different.

Reddit: In the first 9 months of 2020, as the COVID-19 catastrophe unfolded across Ontario, the three largest publicly traded long-term-care operators in the province made huge payouts to investors while taking millions in government funds, data shows #reddit #internet #news

iA Writer Adds Expanded Support for IndieWeb Tools and WordPress Publishing. is.gd/oyNBvH

As my computer use continues to evolve, it's less and less likely I'll be posting meaningful things here. :(

The current alternative is that I'll be sending out an email broadcast - once public, once for paid subscribers, talking about the various sorta stuff I talk about.

For now, I'll be using Substack, a proprietary service, since they provide the necessarily payment processing without unreasonable overhead.


Since y'all have gotten access to all my rambling without any sort of gate so far, anyone who wants a paid subscription, just DM me your email and I'll hook you up.

On Decolonizing My Web Use


I'm not sure which bit to excerpt that'll get people to read the whole thing, but listen: a lot of y'all are engaged in the business of "fixing" the Web, or the Internet, or computers.

And for a variety of reasons, there's not many Indigenous contributions to those conversations, outside of Indigenous communities.

So here's my contribution. Please make use of it the way you might any other useful piece of software.

Welcome to all the new people I just followed. Just to warn you, I'm a little crazy, so bare that in mind if you decide to follow me back.

Just grabbed a book on # and I think I'm actually going to read through it all the way through this time. Not sure whether to start with the one from Mark J. Price, first, or the one that has fundamentals of C# 9.0. I think they both do.

I can't wait till the dispensaries around here either make their online menus accessible with screen readers, or they allow online/walk-ins again, because I can't be relying on the same person all the time for my cannabis refills. Note that I think of cannabis more like alcohol than like medication. I'm a totally recreational user, and not afraid to admit it.

Do you think that Windows 10 should be running Android applications natively?

Though at the moment, I'm just hanging out, thinking about possibly doing some programming after decorating the tree.

Just realized how much I love the Day One journalling app, though one, wish it had a Windows equivalent, (though I can get around that by using my Arteck bluetooth keyboard while writing long passages), and I wish it had £micropub support. Some of my entries are private, but definitely not all. I would like to selectively publish them to my web site.

The awkward moment when you try to sign into Neowin with your business Microsoft 365 account ... And then receive a message ... :you may have sent your authentication to the incorrect tenant ..." Just LOL looks like it's time for me to clear my browser's cache?

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