Just published a new article, Start Using Standardized UX Metrics buff.ly/3BUFyJ2

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🎉🥳 Good news everyone! The Large, Small and Dynamic viewport units (lv*, sv*, dv*) are coming to Chrome 108!

I2S announcement: groups.google.com/a/chromium.o

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Calling all Squids! We are looking for some talented artists to show off their ink to help make some art for an upcoming !

DM either us or Ceris#2530 on Discord your submissions!


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Twitter missed out a big opportunity on its Delete toast. Should have read "What you Tweeted was deleted."

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Design your systems for the laziest, most exhausted version of you

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In a sea of white, the visual language of this design system doesn't get talked about enough. buff.ly/3fkbyti

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"Other kids were scared of mistwraiths, but Wayne figured they just didn’t know how to negotiate properly..."
We're thrilled to share the opening chapters of @BrandSanderson@twitter.com's THE LOST METAL, the conclusion to the Wax & Wayne Mistborn series with @torbooks@twitter.com

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Another reason to stop using text-transform uppercase – Localization. ß in German has no uppercase equiv. It becomes SS, which is unexpected for some, even if part of ISO standards. - buff.ly/3U2C6nK (page 4, "Discussion of technical aspects")

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Today as Safari 16.0 ships for iOS, macOS Monterey and Big Sur — lots of you are asking about Web Push.

Yes, real Web Push is coming to macOS Ventura in Oct. 100% web standard based. No Apple Developer Program membership required.

Read all the details:

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27% of American adults have a disability that inhibits their ability to access their bank accounts.

Our conversation with the ABA & local banks shows how the industry is approaching digital accessibility and working to meet the latest standards.


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Very cool, love seeing quantifiable metrics tied to nebulous concepts - "The ROI of a design system" - buff.ly/3eJBWkS

Did you hear about the upgrades to Splatoon?

Always on-screen map, innovative story, mini-games while matches load, local multi-player, radically simplified levelling, no connection issues finding a match, and free connection for life.

Oh wait, that was the first one... Nm.

This is a serious issue . - "After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel" bit.ly/3AS66dr

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Tiny design detail: nested border radii look really funky if they're the same. To maintain the same curvature, the outer radius = inner radius + padding.

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