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Revisiting a classic issue - Designing A Better Infinite Scroll — Smashing Magazine

Very clever UX of the new Kirby game. — Kirby Devs Tricks May Change How You See New 3D Game

The tech we use is not neutral. - Every Technology Has Its Own Agenda

Sub-grid AND container queries! Woah... - Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 142

I can now tell when dev teams didn't involve a designer. They put yellow or amber text over white. Our designers know better :)

Well, this is an abomination. A Mac running Windows, running an Android emulator. Now I can test accessibility on everything! Lol.

Ever wanted :focus-visible-within? Welp, here you go! .item:has(*:focus-visible)
(Safari tech preview only right now, nice job over there guys!)

Localization isn't all about text... American Kirby Is Hardcore - TV Tropes

Know what's great about working at Pega? Devs are starting to show me things about accessible code I didn't know! Love that.


I re-wrote the grading system for my 6 year old. 😊

The current one does nothing but shame and guilt children, and fosters an unlearning of creative problem solving and course correcting mistakes.

Grateful for Emma's note at the bottom of the page. Guess it made a difference ❤️


Some great CSS features are dropping in Safari - New WebKit Features in Safari 15.4 | WebKit

Interesting solutions for the gaming industry. - 5 Accessibility Features That Every Game Should Have


Hey users: What do you think of forms with a disabled submit button that is enabled when fields are filled out?


Reminder of the day. Not everyone will know about accessibility as much as you, encourage any progress toward understanding. Don't give into frustration over lack of knowledge. That is all.

Nice. Encrypted personal data standards are coming along! - Updated W3C Recommendation: Verifiable Credentials Data Model v1.1

Nice post on accessible design by my co-worker Mike Mai! Different team, same goal. Nice!

Any reason this shouldn't be in a CSS reset?

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