I've been wanting to give the KDE Plasma desktop a try for a while, so I've installed it on my old ThinkPad X220. Initial impressions, I like it, but coming from GNOME, the number of customisation options is somewhat mind-blowing.

KDE Plasma 5.25.4 running on Debian Bookworm. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Switched my daily driver from Fedora 36 to Debian Bookworm. Fedora has been excellent and I may yet go back to it, but for the time being, I'm back with Debian. Switching from one to the other takes very little time and offers a welcome break from coding. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

I'm currently experiencing issues with Firefox where it becomes unresponsive to all input. I haven't got time to debug it at the moment, so I've switched to Chrome. Not happy about it, but needs must. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Used Webfont Kit Generator this morning to grab some fonts from Google. Super handy software.

Screenshot of Webfont Kit Generator in GNOME Software. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

This morning, I was struggling to make a connection to a MariaDB database using a SSH tunnel. Turns out my key's RSA algorithm was the issue, even though its key length is 4096. Guess I should think about upgrading?! microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Extensions Manager is a handy desktop app for managing GNOME extensions. I've always used the GNOME extensions website in the past, but this app is much better! Discovered after watching Jorge's Guide to the Ultimate Silverblue Desktop.

Screenshot of Extensions Manager microblog.corenominal.com/2022

@tpheine a good few years for sure. Not sure I’d like to put an actual number to it 🤣

Interesting episode of CodePen Radio, where the hosts discuss usage of external JS libraries within the CodePen service. SPOILER ALERT (or is it?) jQuery is the most used. Despite the naysayers, it's still an awesome tool and I can't see it going anywhere any time soon. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

@chringel I’ve got a couple of them and really like them. I got one for the office about 6 months ago, after spilling coffee over my previous keyboard. Liked it enough to buy another for home.

Tonight, I have mostly been installing and testing the Two-Factor TOTP Provider Nextcloud app. After reading the reviews I was slightly concerned that it might break after performing a Nextcloud update. As it happens, the instance I was working on was due an update, so I ran the update and everything worked fine. Tested the app with Google's and Microsoft's authenticator apps and it works brilliantly. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Some days I'm headed in the right directionAnd some days I ain't even closeDierks Bentley

Today has definitely felt like the latter. A wicked combination of my own SELinux ignorance and error caching with WP transients has made today a rather frustrating experience. I spent far longer than necessary debugging an error that I'd already fixed. I'm sure there is a lesson to be learned, just not sure what it is. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Tonight, I have mostly been playing around with Fedora server again. I've learnt that I'm not there yet in regards to using it over Debian. I need to get my head around SELinux to stop it from kicking me in the balls. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

I just updated my Fedora 37 VM and received this lovely new wallpaper. Very nice.

Fedora 37 Wallpaper microblog.corenominal.com/2022

It's Sunday night and I'm upgrading a bunch of work servers from Debian 10 to Debian 11. Everything is going smoothly and I've only needed to slightly edit some Nginx site configuration files as a result of the upgrade. Love me some Debian. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

In Visual Studio Code's integrated terminal the default ctrl+f key binding opens the find/search dialogue. As a fish user, I need ctrl+f to perform command history completion. The default behaviour can be disabled by entering the following into your settings.json file. See: Terminal Basics - Find.

"terminal.integrated.commandsToSkipShell": [
// Disable terminal's default ctrl+f
// keybind for microblog.corenominal.com/2022

After hearing about it on Late Night Linux – Episode 189, I've been using bat as a replacement for cat. It's a nice tool and definitely better than using cat for looking at config files and the like. Interestingly, when you install it on Fedora the command is bat, but on Debian it is batcat. I'll end up creating an alias for this, but I'm not sure which I prefer.

Syntax highlighting with bat. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Just been informed that a PWA that I've built and deployed internally has actually started to be adopted by users -- and it works! Nice to know. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

Reading about the @import rule being deprecated in Sass. I guess I'm late to the party and I should start thinking about updating some projects. Note, I currently use the standalone Sass binary on the command line, so I have plenty of time to think. microblog.corenominal.com/2022

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