Uh oh. Principals and insiders dumping hundreds of millions of $NET.

My prediction is that @zatlyn will cash out and leave @Cloudflare before the end of the year and get out from under the thumb of the tyrant @eastdakota.

Investors beware.

"Cloudflare purport to be 'making the internet better' - given the fat stacks they are making off other peoples stolen IP, I can only imagine they are making the internet better for themselves." $NET


RT by @phyzonloop: And while large social media orgs have at least paid lip service to dealing with online hate. Cloudflare continues to stand as the bastion of protection of everything that is vile online including the chans.

They willingly provide a platform for hate sites because profits.

RT by @phyzonloop: Don’t use Cloudflare if you can. They protect and effectively support all of the most vile content on the internet. Any business could find themselves sharing hosts with revenge porn sites or worse.
However often CF put those sites on the same nodes so it’s deliberate.

$NET Cloudflare stocks plunged today, ending -7.82% and continuing to free-fall in after hours trading.

Because, karma. Hard sell.

I hope @eastdakota pays the price for his policy choices. Victimizing people without remorse through his support of online criminal activity.

$NET Cloudflare stocks continue to drop like a rock today, -6.39% and free-falling.

Because, karma. Hard sell.

$NET continues it's decline, opening down -2.6%.

Because, karma. Investors beware.

$NET continues it's decline, opening down -1.20%.

Because, karma. Investors beware.

Those who use Cloudflare "free" services:

If your not the customer, you're the product.

If Cloudflare isn't already monetize you and your data, they will. Shareholders like profits and Cloudflare just took a $26M loss in Q2.

RT by @phyzonloop: Another failure by @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp , another scam website HOSTED by Cloudflare. This company trusts and hosts scamming websites with NO checking, and then tells you they are not malicious. This company needs to go.

$NET @Cloudflare takes a dive, down -3.12% today. Investors beware.

Because, karma.

Anyone else noticed the huge increase in scammers sites advertising on @GoogleAds and (surprise) hiding behind Cloudflare's $NET criminal infrastructure? They're just creating hundreds of fake sites. To spend on PPC, they must be making serious coin before getting shut down.

RT by @phyzonloop: As a reminder @Namecheap and @Cloudflare - revenge porn is against the law in many states (41) and DC
Your services are being used in the commission of a crime. (Cloudflare we know you don’t care, you cover up for Nazis) 🤷‍♂️


Is it good when your CFO is dumping stock the day before your earnings are reported for Q2? 🤔

Dump $NET @Cloudflare

It's not that Cloudflare are clueless. It's that they don't care what's on their network. That's why most phishing, malware, scammers, etc all hide behind @Cloudflare $NET. Investors beware.

Cloudflare // Making the internet more dangerous™

$NET investors - consider the ethics of giving your money to a company that profits from illegal activity.

If ethics don't matter to you, consider that @Cloudflare will continue to be the subject of lawsuits that will damage profits.

RT by @phyzonloop: @Cloudflare has made it abundantly clear they have no problem taking money from nazis. I can point to a dozen major hate sites protected by their platform right now.

RT by @phyzonloop: Cloudflare has a long history of monetising hate, infringement and fringe elements of the Internet. The firm has an abysmal attitude to

"@Cloudflare does not have reasonably adequate protocols, policies, or metrics for addressing repeat infringement by customers, and it does not take reasonable action after being notified about repeat infringement."

Yet another lawsuit coming to $NET


Do you like all the spam you're getting?

Thank @Cloudflare $NET. They do not terminate clients who are spammers. Because profits.

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