I revived a late 2013 iMac that was collecting dust, and was disappointed to find that Target Display Mode no longer worked. So enter OpenCore Legacy Patcher, and now I'm now running MacOS Monterey with Universal Control and Airplay Receiver. Open source software is pretty great.

Glitch was kind of fun while it lasted. But then again, like most “fun” things, it always seemed way more interested in calling itself a friendly community than being one.

I used to be a Latin teacher and one of my dumb jokes when I was teaching literary devices and the like was, “have you heard the one about the kid who can’t tell metaphors from similes? He never metaphor he didn’t like.”

I just figured out (i.e., read in a book because documentation on the web was failing me) that the h- prefix in hCard in (now h-card in ) stands for HTML — i.e., an HTML analogue to vCards — and things are starting to click.

I just got a shipping notification that my now 7 month old order from the most prolific artist of all time, , is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Can’t wait to see what I get. And if you don’t know, he’s the person behind Pavement’s Wowee Zowee cover and so much more. This is a good intro. kickstarter.com/projects/curio

I finally have working on my site, and have added to posts.

DJ: cue Tony! Toni! Toné!, Feels Good.

I wrote up something quick and easy about keeping favicon files tidy in their own folder and passing them through to root with .


* Tag-specific RSS feeds (e.g., tag items with "dev" and set up a feed for dev.to to jumpstart for POSSE cross posts)
* Consuming and doing things with fediverse feeds, e.g., your or posts on your own site

I spent the better part of the day struggling to figure out a mysterious build error only to realize at a moment of distraction about a helper function whose raison d’être ceased to be.

I think I’m going to go live in the wilderness because I’m getting a build error. It’s been fun, everybody!

Just be warned that the volume is very low on the digital version, but you'll want to turn it up regardless.

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My recommendation #2 for fans of :

My album of the year for 2021, Where do You See Yourself in Five Years? by SLONK like you've worn it out 5 times already and happily bought 10 more copies for friends. How can something so instantly familiar be so good? At once joyful and bleakly honest about modern life, SLONK can sound like Cap'N Jazz playing Archers of Loaf with a British accent, but that doesn't do Joe Sherrin the justice he deserves. slonk.bandcamp.com/album/where

My recommendation #1 for fans of :

Kleenex Girl Wonder, November Brain. The result of Graham doing a music residency and forcing himself to write an album's worth of songs every week. I reckon this is a best of from that project, and I think it proves that art thrives through constraints. Imagine Mountain Goats covering Guided by Voices … or something like that.


elon musk really said he was "obsessed with truth" but can't embrace his baldness

My next task on my personal site is to graduate from grabbing items from and at build time and throwing them on a page to instead fetching new items and add them to a collection in a true implementation.

I joined indieweb.social and immediately felt like a fraud as I hadn't touched my personal site in ages.

I dug into it, broke a bunch of things, relearned things I'd forgotten, and rekindled some old joys. It's not ready for primetime, but it's getting there.

Now it's spilling over into my actual job and I'm doing fun things with code that I haven't done in months.

That's a big win.

Captchas are great because they let me roleplay as Captain Picard except instead of lights there are four bicycles. But I'm not strong like Jean-Luc. I finally cave and pretend the motorcycles are bicycles.

I just figured out how to block entire domains so I don't have to see horny nazis posting manga girls.

The best walking music is the Cool Greenhouse by the Cool Greenhouse (your new favorite least favorite band).



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