My next task on my personal site is to graduate from grabbing items from and at build time and throwing them on a page to instead fetching new items and add them to a collection in a true implementation.

@den That sounds really interesting, I’d love to read a write up of how you accomplish this.

@pete It’s been a long time since I’ve even tried writing anything up, so I will definitely try to do this. I’m more motivated than I have been, and life is pretty stable!

@den Earlier today I wrote a Python script that is similar to what you described.

I have a file toots.json that contains all my toots and then a script that queries the JSON API and update toots.json to contain the old and new toots.

You're welcome to check it out and adapt/use it if it fits your needs. 😃

@brozek Awesome. Thanks. I think I’ll need to do it in Node but the principle is basically the same.

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