I'm starting to write my backends using GO. It has been a bit of a learning curve but I am happy so far. That is all. Anyone a GO programmer here?

had some time over the weekend to make a throw away boom bap that I cut on an aki mpc live 2 and drums through my roland sp404. Made a dumb little video for it, too. Check it out at sleek.bio/elkcityhazard ⚡️What are some hobbies y'all have?⚡️

My favorite command line RSS news reader is newsboat. What are some of the best open source RSS news readers out there?

hmmm I found this curious search engine called you.com I am in pursuit of a search engine that just gives you what you are asking for. not "optimized" or "curated." I don't use google.com I use qwant but it just hasn't been exactly what I am looking for. any suggestions? @obsolete29 @neil_neilzone

I really like the idea of twitter spaces and clubhouse for networking. Is there a federated-alternative version to these types of services? I think it would be a fun project if I have time outside of my day job 🙂 @obsolete29

so I want to know more about why folks don't like Cloudflare. I'm curious - it is not a topic I have followed but many seem passionate about it. Looking to learn and grow my understanding


Hello fediverse,
I'm a developer and work as a mkt assistant for small artistic studios (mainly tattoo studios) to put food on the table.

Based in Brazil, I'm at time of writing 24y. She/her pronouns are fine. I'm always working on one or 15 projects so I'll talk about them here too.

My interests include:
#webdev and #tech in general
#writing and #books

Got fed up with twitter and found Mastodon a better place.

Hello indieweb friends! Are you still using Google Analytics? Stop! Learn about 10 privacy-focused Google Analytics alternatives that can let you OWN YOUR DATA here:


Not all but I compiled a list of some of the free and pay-as-you-grow web hosting services I have used over the years. If you like free web hosting check out my blog post here 👇


I've used Hugo for quite a few projects at this point. I decided to release an overview of some of my notes and things Ive learned. I call it a tutorial, but the idea is to create a video to go along with it and the post should re-enforce the video content. andrew-mccall.com/blog/hugo-we

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

Privacy isn’t:

- A premium feature
- A setting you must configure
- About having something to hide

Privacy is:

- A basic human right.

I am a . I make money from using react to create web applications. I don't use facebook. I think facebook is generally something that should be avoided. I don't find their business practices to be ethical in general. Should I stop being a react dev? A question for the comments.

I am looking for an open sourced markdown-based cms to integrate with a gatsby website. Anyone have any suggestions?

@plausible I usually do self hosting when possible but I like y'all so much I decided to just pay y'all to host for me. Thanks for the analytics.

Yet again more bad news about facebook. It seems like every other article is some news about the questionable decisions and practices of big tech conglomerates


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