I am a . I make money from using react to create web applications. I don't use facebook. I think facebook is generally something that should be avoided. I don't find their business practices to be ethical in general. Should I stop being a react dev? A question for the comments.

@elkcityhazard very much imo; choosing to use react doesn't mean you align with facebooks principles. If you can stick to your own ideals while still using their tools then why the heck not. Use it for your own benefit ^^

@elkcityhazard React has grown far beyond FB, so I see no problem here. Moreover, if that were a problem, then by extension we probably shouldn't be using computers at all because all the tech was created by unethical companies (IBM, Bell, the US DoD...).

@sennomo @elkcityhazard hm, maybe you're right. We've gone too far - let's abandon everything.

@pseudoramble @sennomo well I guess I can become a gemini protocol dev. Thanks for the great responses guys 👍

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