had some time over the weekend to make a throw away boom bap that I cut on an aki mpc live 2 and drums through my roland sp404. Made a dumb little video for it, too. Check it out at sleek.bio/elkcityhazard ⚡️What are some hobbies y'all have?⚡️

My favorite command line RSS news reader is newsboat. What are some of the best open source RSS news readers out there?

@tchambers I just took a job where I will be maintaining some wordpress sites. I am interest to see how it changed since I broke up with wordpress 7 years ago.

@obsolete29 mojeek is looking promising. Looking forward to trying it out!

hmmm I found this curious search engine called you.com I am in pursuit of a search engine that just gives you what you are asking for. not "optimized" or "curated." I don't use google.com I use qwant but it just hasn't been exactly what I am looking for. any suggestions? @obsolete29 @neil_neilzone

@obsolete29 I moved around many times in my 20's and early 30's. At some point I backed up my entire music collection to blu-ray and donated my physical collection. I started out having my music collection in .wav format on my NAS in a RAID 10 configuration. I still have this NAS and it works fine, but I never did get the streaming just right. Tried spinning up my own streaming backend with nodejs that would convert the files on the fly but there was always some level of jank to it.

I really like the idea of twitter spaces and clubhouse for networking. Is there a federated-alternative version to these types of services? I think it would be a fun project if I have time outside of my day job 🙂 @obsolete29

so I want to know more about why folks don't like Cloudflare. I'm curious - it is not a topic I have followed but many seem passionate about it. Looking to learn and grow my understanding

@obsolete29 it reminds me of the day I upgraded an ubuntu installation and there was a shiny link to amazon on it.

@meena I highly recommend you checkout getpublii.com/ this is a great way to build sites that is really easy to set up/minimal workflow. They have free themes and you deploy to github pages. it is also open sourced which is nice with some nice free and premium themes.

@meena fair enough! I used to think that myself but the reality is your niche is going to most likely have high specificity and a lot of folks will be seeking out what you have to offer. Whether its a small blog or product/service.

Just my two cents 🙂

@meena well it is a bit more complex but I think the benefit is the ease of updating once you get it set up. Also, your ISP is most definitely not delivering your content on a free CDN which is an added benefit of many git based deployment methods. I am happy to teach if you wanted to learn such a method but I understand if it seems overly complex to you.

@obsolete29 one git command I learned about that really improved my work flow: git-scm.com/docs/git-cherry-pi

sometimes I'll create variations and separate them by branches. If I end up deciding I like assets from a few different branches you can cherry pick what you like and not have to merge a whole branch worth of changes - just individual commits - if that makes sense.

@meena the financial impact of my website is about 15 dollars a year for domain renewal

@meena well it can be as simple as taking a few minutes to learn how to use one of the many free open source static site generators. buy a domain for a buck if you don't mind it being a non .com. my personal website has been run the last 3 years off of Hugo to statically generate the pages, I push it to github, and then build it for free on vercel which delivers it for free.


Hello fediverse,
I'm a developer and work as a mkt assistant for small artistic studios (mainly tattoo studios) to put food on the table.

Based in Brazil, I'm at time of writing 24y. She/her pronouns are fine. I'm always working on one or 15 projects so I'll talk about them here too.

My interests include:
#webdev and #tech in general
#writing and #books

Got fed up with twitter and found Mastodon a better place.

@daepher One of the things I hate the most about twitter right now is there is a bunch of devs on there making threads instead of real projects, blog posts, etc that can be actually helping people solve real world problems.

Hello indieweb friends! Are you still using Google Analytics? Stop! Learn about 10 privacy-focused Google Analytics alternatives that can let you OWN YOUR DATA here:


@obsolete29 I suppose my one use case for blog post images is opengraph/twitter cards? Other than that, you are right.

@obsolete29 I tried protonmail for a year on a black friday deal. I have to say I agree with you. It is overhyped and really doesn't deliver a robust email solution. I have been meaning to get around to using tutanota but haven't had the time yet.

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