Step 1: Watch Tech Monopolies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Step 2: Use EFF's Action Center to contact your representatives about the Open App Markets Act:

Step 3: Use to write to your reps about the "American Choice and Innovation Online Act".


For example:

Subject: American Choice and Innovation Online Act

As your constituent, I urge you to support the American Choice and Innovation Online Act (S.2992). The legislation aims to prevent Big Tech companies from "self-preferencing" their own products at the expense of competitors. Under this act, covered platforms would be forbidden from disadvantaging other companies' products or services. The legislation would also prohibit covered platforms from using non-public data... more>

...collected from business users to unfairly advantage the platforms' own products.

I want real choices! I don't want Amazon to constantly replace actual products with "Amazon Basics" knockoffs, and I don't want Google to only show me information from Google Images, Google Maps, YouTube (owned by Google), and other Google-owned results!

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