writing one sentence per line
- by Derek Sivers

I’m trying...


Seeing ads by Spotify, Adobe everywhere, on phone and desktop. I’ve been subscribed to them but now cancel them all. The more I read about tracking / privacy, the more I fear.

You pay them or not doesn’t matter, still being tracked.

Yes, I want to enjoy without paying and want to see no ads or tracking.

Too greedy, am I?

@lkhrs to be fair, stranger things S2,3 aren't that bad. I do agree having a hard time to recall what the story was tho. As for songs, Heroes by Peter Gabriel gives me chills every time i listen to. It was used in S1 and S2 as i recall. Good post by the way.


I updated every Apostrophe on my site from dumb ' to ’. If you’re on a mac, it’s option + shift + ].

I want to write more but writing is hard. I struggled every time. I do need some time to fix grammar and I don't think I expressed well.
But getting something off your chest feels a bit better and sometimes relieved.

Summer Game Fest 2022 

I want to play Starfield, but I don't have a xbox and want to jump ship

I want to love Figma, I really want to. It feels so seamless, and very precise, even better than illustrator when it comes to pushing pixels.

Only two things I didn't like.
1. It'll require internet connection, which means I can't work offline.

2. No typeface previews when selection fonts

Blogged, again:
Never Fade Away

This is part 3, this 3 posts are the most honest things I've ever said on the internet. I doubt I'll ever do that again.

Feels better to get something off my chest.


Extra Ordinary

this is part 2 of my previous post. I should go to sleep now.


Like Strangers, Perfect Pretenders

a bit too personal...i spent a day at work thinking about this only one thing


I love the soundtrack from the Anime film: Tenki no ko, Weathering with You. I’d listen to those songs everyday on my way to work.

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