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The first image from the James Webb Space Telescope (#JWST). From NASA,

"This slice of the vast universe covers a patch of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by someone on the ground."

In that little speck, I don’t know, maybe a thousand galaxies, each with perhaps 100,000,000,000 stars, and all that in a patch of sky too small to even pay attention to.

When lumping online content to come back to later there seem to be two ways to do it, at least across all the platforms I can think of:

1. [Emergent, bottom-up] Tag it, then later see all the items tagged alike. (eg Notion database items, blog posts, Pocket app saves, novel hashtags)
2. [Hierarchical, top-down] File it in a folder, or under a category or heading (eg Evernote folders, long-term Twitter threads, blog categories, browser bookmarks).

Can anyone think of alternative approaches?

Something I can’t figure out at all… Why, out of all the apps on my phone does Discord feel the easiest to quickly open up and jot something down. Why discord, not Notes, not Notion, not email…

If traversing Notion felt more like choosing a Discord server and hopping into a text channel then I might actually make notes.

…I think that a primary reason the indieweb community is like this is because it was built by people who don’t have to code-switch much. If you’re a straight white man (as many people building websites and internet infrastructure are), you probably don’t feel much pressure to change the way you present yourself in different personal and professional situations, and thus don’t feel a big need to design systems where people can maintain multiple personas”

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“Every different internet community has a unique set of social expectations, and that diversity is exactly what I love about the web. I want there to be more different communities on different platforms with different vibes and rules and expectations. Trying to compress my identity into a single site is the antithesis of that…

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Thrilled to see this on an issue with personal-website culture that’s been bothering me for a few years… (This link is specifically about IndieWeb but my concern is broader and fuzzier.)

Quotes below 👇

I'm thinking of using and maybe...

1. code and data on GitHub

2. deployed via Netlify

3. code edits (eg site layout, CSS etc) done on PC and pushed to GitHub

4. posts and ongoing content written on iPhone... and somehow sent to GitHub

Are there any other options?

How would you do step 4?

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Question for people who run a through a .

If you plan to post primarily from your smartphone rather than a computer, how would you go about it?

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If one were to build a portfolio website for a videographer, with lots of video and pictures, what platform would you recommend using?

Promised my neighbor I'd help him build something but its been years since I did anything #webdev related.

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@humanetech lack of vision and strategy is the main plague that affects FLOSS.

The average user usually comes to us with "ok, what can your software do, how is it better than commercial alternatives, and how are you planning to develop it in the future?"

And all we give back to them is a Github link or lengthy man pages, together with "there's no warranty that the software works as intended", "there's no warranty that the developer will keep working on it", "there's no strategy nor prioritization - it just depends on what the benevolent dictator for life behind the project wants to implement", and "actually, you should thank the developer for providing you with something built in his/her spare time".

No wonder that most of those who aren't tech geeks avoid the products that we build.

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@blacklight @humanetech This. It infuriates me when a potentially good bit of software uses a Github landing page as its main way of communicating with users.

Github is part of how the sausage is made and is generally workbench. It’s geared towards development, not use. And what happens on a Github page? You are presented with a list of files and their updated status. You need to scroll down to see the contents of

It just screams “Don’t use this software”.

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Dear fedi!

What is the best guide/primer to #FOSS for a highly intelligent, non-technical audience? (e.g. someone who wants to deeply understand value, why to engage)

Asking for a friend.

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How do you feel about CWs for eye contact in photos of humans, not for people in general but for you personally?


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Only 10 patrons are currently supporting @tchambers with hosting and management costs.

This isn't Facebook.
You're not the product.

Thanks everyone for the answers to this question - you’ve shared some really helpful stuff and I’m much clearer now.

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creators… what’s your rationale for deciding when to use a subdomain or a subdirectory?

What are some examples of what you use each structure for?

Explaining this cries out for amusing metaphors. Heard any good ones?

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