🎮👾 Existeix algun joc social/descentralitzat/software lliure per navegadors, del tipus del vell OGame, però amb aquestes noves característiques? Algú coneix alguna cosa per l'estil?

Ja si fos un RPG amb tocs de 4X i mecàniques de TCG seus la pera 🍐.

Is there anything like a social/decentralized/free-software browser game, like the old OGame, but with these perks? Anybody knows something like that? I don't care much about the setting, it could be sci-fi, fantasy or anything, for that matter. But I would appreciate RPG, 4X and TCG mechanics.

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La paraula "lol", usada a Internet com un acrònim de "laugh out loud" o "riure en veu alta", va ser incorporada al Oxford English Dictionary el 2011. #IdiomaDeLaSetmana #English

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ha impulsat @PLBarcelones:

🎸Els amants del rock català tenen una cita aquest dissabte a les 12 a Barcelona. La banda @ruc_n_roll, amb la col·laboració de la @llenguacat, ha organitzat un concert a la Plaça Reial amb components de tres grups mítics: Lax’n’Busto, Sopa de Cabra i Sau.

2021-10-06 17:00:59

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A mi, a la carrera de Dret em van ensenyar que quan un jutge comet actes que deliberadament són contraris a la Llei i ho fa "a sabiendas", està cometent el delicte de PREVARICACIÓ.

Després, està España i la seva forma de veure-ho.

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RT @ekapic
Anem a provar l'usuari més "cutre" en el món de software. De primer de pentesting.

Hi entra. I com a Administrador. 😮

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Els Estats Units d'Amèrica no tenen cap idioma oficial. Ni la seva Constitució, ni cap peça de legislació marquen caràcter oficial per l'anglès ni per cap altre idioma #IdiomaDeLaSetmana #English

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La victòria italiana és especialment valuosa. Perquè deixa la credibilitat d’Espanya davant del TJUE greument tocada. I perquè ha desgastat notablement la reputació de l’estat espanyol (tant de la seva justícia com del seu govern) davant de les autoritats italianes.


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#Mastodon recently got an #OCR feature (featured in the image edit dialog) that is able to extract text from screenshots and so forth to be included as text for visually impaired friends we have. Use it! 👀

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#WhatsApp is currently down. This is your regular reminder that centralized platforms are centralized: a single point of failure and control.

Help spread the word about open decentralized networks.

You can easily host your own services by installing @yunohost on a VPS or local machine.
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In my mind, the IndieWeb movement is about the ownership and very nature of the Internet. Google, Facebook. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon want to *be* the internet. They want to capture us in their portals and apps and gardens so they can then use their leverage to extract wealth. Let us resist them the best we can. Let's use open source software, run our own instances of software, own our devices and have them work for us instead of being an end point of a tech companies cloud offering.

Vint plantes silvestres per a afegir als nostres àpats.

Brutal recopilatori de plantes i receptes del col·lectiu Eixarcolant que ens prepara VilaWeb. Ja coneixia els d'Eixarcolant, però és brutal veure com mitjans generalistes es fan ressò d'aquest tresor gastronòmic, cultural i natural que tenim a la nostra terra.


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@kubikpixel It’s the same with the #fediverse; as long as we create spaces that they don’t/can’t control, we can keep the web free and open. As long as the free web is available, users have a choice. The impact is in providing a safe refuge for whoever wants it.

I think the big strength of the indieweb is that it’s just small additions to the existing web. Current CMS software could build individual indieweb features into their software. It’s not an all or nothing approach. And each project that implements it makes it easier for users to use without caring about the technical aspect.

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Short version: Villeneuve's is, probably, the best movie recreation possible of Herbert's Dune. There are some minor issues, of course, but there's also some interesting improvements on the original, while being absolutely respectful with Herbert's work.

I'm just waiting for the next movie. I guess it will start with one of the most emotive moments in the whole saga.

Those are my thoughts on the movie. It may differ of yours, of course.

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More Dune spoilers ahead: 

I love the new Liet Kynes. Making "him" a "she" is genius. It makes a lot of sense, symbolically speaking, in a character who nurtures a planet and protects it. And for the ethnicity, I'd like it even more if Jamis weren't African-American. The Emperor's envoy was Af-Am, and the fremen, Jamis aside, are hispanic (at least, Bardem's Stilgar is). So it makes sense to think of the House Corrino, at Kaitan, to be a planet inhabited primarly with an Af-Am community.

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More Dune spoilers ahead: 

Gourney's baliset. There's a cryptic reference to Gourney skills, but no more. I'd used him instead of the bagpiper (!!) when they land on Arrakis (what an odd moment...)

The Harkonnen have no personality at all. They have little screen time, true, but Lynch's Dune did them better, tbh. The Baron and Piter are underused assets.

The design for the city is massive, but it feels lifeless. And the design for most ships is uninspired. Not the ornithopter, this one rocks.

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Spoiler alert! #Dune 

Some transitions are obscure. We don't see the travel between Caladan and Arrakis, for example. I know that the books don't feature the travel as well, but in a visual medium, it is harder to follow this type of ellusions.

Simplified the roles of the B.G. (the Missionaria Protectiva doesn't seem to exist, it's just a BG ploy to help specifically Jessica and Paul) and Yueh (the same with the Suk Order or the Imperial Conditioning, no mentions). That's OK, due time constrains.

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