I'll also note my gaelg is not quite fluent, I haven't spoken in literal conversation in decades - after I went to classes in 1990. So it's rather rusty.
My Scottish/Irish are worse - I can just about read most things/get the jist, so long as I take my time saying them in my head first :) I follow a lot of Gàidhlig/Gaeilge [as Gaelg] a/c on twitter.
Most of my normal output is "left wing europhile marxist techy satire" in English, so apols if I get boring to follow :)

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Gura mie mooar ayd son y heet my yei.Va'n "toot" lomarcan lesh ayd dy feddynit mee ayn shoh :)

Cheers for the follow back - you had the sole post with I found in here :)

As ta fys aym ny focklyn/arrane Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey, neesht. :)

And I know the words/song The Sheep Under the Snow, too :)

[ I'm only lurking here as yet, until I slowly migrate, twas nice to see Manx here if a sole instance :), Lhiats ]

Cha nel mee er n'akin veg tootal ayns . Er y fer shen, she orryms dy cur toot ayns y chengey yn çheer aym.

Neesht: Ta "fed" ayns gaelg bree "toot" ayns Baarle.
Myr shen… Vel shoh yn chied "tooterated-fed" ?

I haven't seen any toots in Manx Gaelic. For that reason, tis on me to send a toot in the language of my country.

Also : "Fed" in Manx Gaelic means "toot" in English.
So… Is this the first "tooterated-fed"?

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Really really enjoy this Manx song; Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey from Barrule

It messes with my brain so much and I love it. The words are so familiar yet so strange.
I think Irish speakers will get a similar feeling too.


#music #gaelg #manx #gàidhlig #gaeilge

Tentative toot.

Not moving here yet, but felt it was time to get up to speed. Not because I've ever felt censored or concerned about "other places" from my own interactions there, but simply because an open protocol social media, is the natural direction.


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