Gura mie mooar ayd son y heet my yei.Va'n "toot" lomarcan lesh ayd dy feddynit mee ayn shoh :)

Cheers for the follow back - you had the sole post with I found in here :)

As ta fys aym ny focklyn/arrane Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey, neesht. :)

And I know the words/song The Sheep Under the Snow, too :)

[ I'm only lurking here as yet, until I slowly migrate, twas nice to see Manx here if a sole instance :), Lhiats ]


I'll also note my gaelg is not quite fluent, I haven't spoken in literal conversation in decades - after I went to classes in 1990. So it's rather rusty.
My Scottish/Irish are worse - I can just about read most things/get the jist, so long as I take my time saying them in my head first :) I follow a lot of Gàidhlig/Gaeilge [as Gaelg] a/c on twitter.
Most of my normal output is "left wing europhile marxist techy satire" in English, so apols if I get boring to follow :)

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