I tried to take the Amtrak train from Portland to Seattle…got thrown on a bus instead. Oh well! Despite that bummer, I had an amazing time up in Washington. Here’s the first part of my latest Seattle vlog series, with a special focus on Snoqualmie Falls!


Yesterday I went kayaking for the first time ever on the Willamette River. I can *highly recommend* this particular endeavor!

(The wake from large passing speedboats was pretty nerve-racking though. Did not care for that! 😅)

The first time I saw Tilikum Crossing as I was driving through Portland, I did a double-take. It’s a very unique bridge with a fascinating (very recent!) history. The only (?) major NO-CARS-ALLOWED span in America! youtube.com/watch?v=aiyxsEAEP4

After a hiatus of nearly a year…the vlog has returned!

Welcome to Season 6, Episode 1 of Essential Life with Jared.

A stroll along Portland’s South Waterfront, making a green drink in the kitchen, the Molalla River Recreation area, and more!


Obviously I can’t come to a final conclusion without seeing the final product in the flesh (assuming the rumors are true), but I’m far more impressed by the mockups of the iPhone 14 Pro's pill-and-hole-design than with the iPhone X-era notch.


From a few days ago when it was sunny and cheery outside. Ready for the PNW gloom to go away for good!! 🌞🙏

After several days of bright sunshine, it was back to gray and gloomy today. Still, it's hard for Portland not to look beautiful.


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