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My thoughts for us Americans on this 4th of July:

Celebrate not the America that is. Celebrate the America that could be. We must never give up the fight for freedom, bodily autonomy, equality, human rights, justice, and speaking truth to power.

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

First real day off in weeks, post-move. Hot out today in Portland. What should I do with myself?!

As I settle into the new house, I simply cannot wait to carve out the time to WRITE. All I want to do is write. 😅

(I guess nothing gets the ol' artistic juices flowing like not being able to work on anything for a period of time!)

I'm in that last 2% of moving which feels like it takes *forever*.

Oh, still some thingamajigs in that drawer?

Oh, still a poster on that wall?

Oh, still gotta wipe down that windowsill?

Tell me this will end soon. 😭

Living in the dadverse this weekend as we've moved across town and my brother (kids' favorite uncle) is also here to help out. Even though moving is stressful, I'm enjoying the extra family time!

Some cool news about Gitea federation with Mastodon:

While it's highly unlikely that Bridgetown would migrate off of GitHub, maybe there's an opportunity to create a federated mirror so you'd get notifications of pushes, branches, etc?

This is the final weekend at Casa J. Next weekend, I'll have moved to a new abode! (Still in Portland of course.) It's not that much bigger, but it does have more rooms and a garage.

Needless to say, my kids are *very* excited. (As am I!) 😃

Is the future of code letting AI do most of the work? Is it allowing “the cloud” decide what to write next? Who knows. Maybe. I hope not.

The Russian troops are bombing Ukrainian fields, not allowing for the sowing of crops, looting food stocks and blocking Ukraine’s ports.

The consequences are well known. Food and fertilizer prices are skyrocketing in many parts of the world.


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The iPad Desktop

Because there are some tasks I really do prefer to perform in iPadOS vs. macOS. Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?

Everytime I publish a big new release of Bridgetown, even if it's a beta, I wait with trepidation for all the bug reports to come flooding in. And usually—well, it's fine! 😅

I never take that for granted!

It's release day! Say hello to Bridgetown 1.1 "Belmont" (beta)

I18n, Lit (w/SSG+SSR) components, Inspectors, and Sass in esbuild: What’s new for Bridgetown as we head into Q3 2022.

Posted comment:

1994 was a wild time. I'm pretty sure that's when I first connected to the internet and got my first e-mail address (at!). Using Mosaic and soon Netscape Navigator for the first time was nothing short of mind-blowing. By 1996, I was publishing my own websites, and then in 1997 someone paid me to build them a website. 25 years later, I'm still getting paid to build websites. What a ride!

I really appreciate that `bundle gem [name]` can do so much these days. Rake, Minitest, RuboCop, and GitHub Actions right out of the box?! Sweetness. It’s so easy to create your own gem now, you have no excuse! 😄

So who's watching Stranger Things S4? I hesitate to offer too much commentary before I see where this very intense set of storylines is headed, but…um, sure feels like the most _epic_ season yet??! 🤯

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm looking forward to spending some time out in the woods after a long week of work and trying to feel better post-Covid. Strength and outlook seem mostly back to normal. Whew!

What are you up to today?

HTML still feels like the weird uncle living in the attic compared to the bling-bling-wearing celebrities that are modern CSS and ES2022+ JavaScript.

A renewed effort to modernize HTML and port more imperative JavaScript APIs to the world of declarative markup would go a long, long way in (a) placating the document web folks, and (b) encouraging the application web folks to bump HTML up in priority and prominence.

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