Why is the precise volume control of Bluetooth devices over Android 9 impossible to implement correctly?

Wondering to set up a Wiki or not. Currently keeping everything on this site or in markdown files - enjoying the offline-first markdown files which I can sync through Syncthing. But perhaps I need something more powerful?

When was the last time you bought a compilation album on CD? I just did. Nineties nostalgia from the days when I was into DJ-ing and UK rave. Thanks to Discogs these fond memories can still be obtained and kept for prosperity. Unlike streaming services, owning a disc and taking care of it will make sure you'll enjoy listening to the music legally and in best quality for years to come.

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Webmentions for static websites via nginx log formats. This is amazing. :D


Mike Oldfield's "Talk About Your Life" from his fantastic 1984 "Discovery" album never ceases to give me musical goose bumps.

Some day I will learn to play guitar and play the haunting riff in Mike Oldfield's "Get to France" ad infinitum

The Memex Method. When your commonplace book is a public… | by Cory Doctorow | May, 2021 | Medium: doctorow.medium.com/the-memex-

My job allows me to help improve the World, one peer-review and pull-request at a time.

Tea herbs 

So it has come to this: I'm drinking ashwagandha tea now. One cup a day. Let's see if it gets me through this final stretch of this hell of a year.

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Just another token of appreciating of the more than excellent Radio Paradise listener-supported web radio station. radioparadise.com

Regardless all of the open source operating systems, I would say I believe that Microsoft's "Windows 10" today is actually a more stable and robust operating system than Apple's Mac OSX.

Oh the excitement of writing 23GB worth of baby videos of my son to Blu Ray disc from my network attached storage. Writing at 17 MB/second. And anything can happen to make the process fail and lose the disc worth about €4.

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Every month I round up the media and notable articles I found particularly interesting. Here's my list for April. werd.io/2021/reading-watching-

@tinyrabbit Thanks for writing about "The Boy Who Kept Some of the Lights On" - Definitely something I want to see myself and check.

oppenlab/gempub: A new eBook format based on Gemini Protocol's Gemtext. Gempub can also serve as a Gemini capsule archive format. - gempub - Codeberg.org: codeberg.org/oppenlab/gempub

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I've updated the Gempub support in Lagrange's dev branch. The new split modes are also pretty handy here... @nytpu @oppen

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