How do you back up your passwords and secrets so when you lose access to your pass manager, or when something bad happens to you and your family needs access to something really important only you knew the secret password for? I use a DiceKey.

Collecting various ways of hosting my static website at - currently: classic apache webhost, static host, Keybase pub and IPFS.

My personal impression from Brian Eno's "55 Million Crystals" at the excellent Kristalwelten expo museum in Wattens, Austria

Testing out "Media Kraken" by Noel De Martin (@NoelDeMartin), a cool web app with Solid storage support -

The battery life in this i9 MacBook Pro from 2018 has diminished to being barely enough to serve as an UPS backup system with enough time to perform a safe shutdown

Mirrored my personal site - finally - on Keybase's KBFS system, so now it is also available here and if you have Keybase installed also from the command line here: keybase://public/johanbove

Got my booster shot with moderna just earlier! Thank you @duesseldorf

It's that time of the year again when online services and business update their legal disclaimers and trigger e-mail messages on my corresponding e-mail forwarder accounts. Handy to get a reminder that I still had an account active on those services.

If you're in town for in Düsseldorf, I can recommend a visit to the new library. It's pretty awesome.

This is your monthly reminder to delete your browser's cache and cookies.

Bungle - The Siren (Camo & Krooked Remix): luister met lyrics | Deezer:

The mechanical noises of playing and recording minidiscs, including handling the actual discs is part of the charm to me.

Anyone else also making album / playlists of the week with their MiniDisc recorders?

Actively listening to music through a minidisc player almost gives the same joy as listening to Vinyl records. To me, it's the next best experience and it's fully digital.

Explained: The new Fairphone 4 | Changing how phones are made - YouTube:

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