After last week's Qnap ransomware disaster I picked up my effort again to write all our valuable videos and pictures on m-disc immutable DVD-R and BD-R discs. I really hope that will keep making this excellent archive solution and won't phase them out completely. Imho discs like m-disc are real archival solutions, especially since these are ransomware proof.

@louis Thanks for the thoughts. But I'm not convinced that switching the OS alone will provide enough defence against human error, which often leaves open holes in the network and systems for malicious hackers to abuse.

@johanbove actually you said it, exactly switching OS immediately helps against whatever viruses, ransomware, etc.

Viruses are almost non-existent for UNIX-like systems. Ransomware cannot easily replicate on UNIIX-like systems, cannot do much harm as OS design is so much different.

Human error well… I know since 21 years that my human error is so much less because I use GNU/Linux, as before I considered human error something what was not really my error.

@johanbove DVD-R, I mean any kind of DVD does not really serve as a good backup over the years. You have to watch for quality. I have tried it, few years passed, they were stored in quite a good safe place without humidity or sunshine, and they fail after years, like 8 years.

@louis it's not DVD or BD, it's the m-disc format that is much more trustworthy because the data is burned in a rock like material. See
Unfortunately it seems the format is not commercially viable enough as many have moved to other media.

Just keep in mind that optical disks have a lifespan and are sensitive to light. Keep them in a dark place and remember to create new copies every ten years.
Regardless of ransomware, having immutable archives is essential for safety.
Do consider the value of online backups, though. Syncthing is an excellent open source solution for this, requiring no dedicated hosted server; it's completely open, peer-to-peer sync with mobile apps, too.

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