A bit tired of Youtube's double-ads-which-cannot-be-skipped attitude - time for alternatives!

@trevorfsmith @johanbove It’s a bit tricky and may require some extra work, but *youtube-dl*.

Barely use it anymore, but this semi-automated workflow helped:

TL;DR: I sometimes use Micropub to easily add (from my phone’s YT app) video URLs to a “hidden” list on my site, and then have my RPi/NAS/home server download whatever’s on that list so I/my kids can view it later that day (on the TV/media player, typically). (I can of course add these links through my CMS, too.)

@jan @johanbove That's a neat workflow! I love seeing people glue together seemingly disparate tech to get the job done. I'm currently able to and OK with paying for the ad-free tier since I watch a metric ton of shop videos as a form of relaxation but it's good to know that there's an alternative.

@johanbove If you still want to watch YouTube and are in the Apple ecosystem, the Vinegar extension for Safari is excellent. It covers the player to html native and blocks ads, the only thing I *believe* it doesn’t do is 4K. The other alternative is to use 1Blocker and its Scripts functionality which will also block ads, but still use the YT player and 4K on supported devices.

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