How do you decide on what is the most important thing to focus on at any time of the day?

@johanbove I pick something at random (or let my computer do it for me)

@jalcine To me it's easy when my kid is around; also at work it is easy to known what to do since it pays the bills; it's what to spend the rest of my waking hours on that sometimes worries me. Should I read a classic book, follow an online course, watch a good movie, contemplate on solutions on climate crisis, worry about the future of our kids, worry about war and hunger, fix the HTML of my site or just scroll away the time doling through the Web... I'm over 40 and realizing time is limited.

@johanbove ah yeah this is deep(er). I can imagine that some of these things just occupy the space of mind a lot and are a bit unavoidable. best to try to keep joy + peace whenever possible

@jalcine Thanks for being there Jacky. Appreciate all you do! How do let your computer do the prio for you, I wonder.

@johanbove oh I write out single lines of the things I need/want to do (wash the dishes, read 10 pages in a book, etc), shuffle it in Python and pick the first line and work my way down that list

checking things off help a lot with my confidence in my ability to get something done

@jalcine That is great idea to try to do with my todo.txt file. The script should have a context and time of day factor too probably. Have you ever tried Taskwarrior? It has this way of applying a priority coefficient to tasks.
Makes it all a bit more complicated, but that's why we work with computers right.

@johanbove Lol that is why! I did for a period of time and I probably should try it out. I should mention, the list I use is a combination of some physical and some digital so I wonder if taskwarrior could make this "easier"

@jalcine Not saying to ditch your current method for Taskwarrior - just thought about how it applied this urgency coefficient cleverly. Also M$ does something with their ToDo app like that, but the siloing was too much there for me. Personally I also use tasks in Bullet Journal. Mostly for bigger projects and long term plans. Although the occasional "Don't forget the milk" is jotted in there too. The tools are not the problem 🙂

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