Dance the magic dance... so far for decentralization...

What the heck is going on in "Entertainment" today? Popular "culture" seems broken.

Only two books out of about 3,2 million books are "always available" in the book collection of the Internet Archive. How come?

Why we shouldn't rely on siloes for posting our digital assets like pictures and videos - they are unreachable for anyone not on the inside.

My current home server start screen running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Super happy with it!

Radio Paradise is the best radio station and the listeners are amazing, funny lovely people.

Fortunate to be able to enjoy another spring with my family!

"Prisoners of Geography - our World explained in 12 simple maps" by Tim Marshall explains perfectly why Russia is after Ukraine in four pages and it has nice illustrations too.

Air traffic map showing planes making a safe detour around Ukraine

Thank you @internetarchive for making my son's day by saving the Octonauts games BEFORE they disappeared after the site changed.

Perhaps having a centralized system for messaging half of the world's gamers is not maintainable?

Welcome to Ate K - or - early developer release - but working on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Windows 10

Giving Atek-cloud a swirl because why not and @pfrazee is cool

My personal impression from Brian Eno's "55 Million Crystals" at the excellent Kristalwelten expo museum in Wattens, Austria

To @deezer @ifttt - I feel like more and more web services are closing up instead of allowing integration with other tools. This is a very sad development.

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