@txopi Of course - this certification is completely optional and I agree that the Web Of Trust should be a human network first. This Governikus certification is only an extra node in the trust network that should exist between openPGP keys. Something I haven't had much experience with actually as not many of my contacts actually use OpenPGP.

@txopi OpenPHP Keys on their own don't mean much, they become trustworthy when other parties certify the authenticity. My OpenPGP Key is still fully under my control. What I was able to do is add a verified and certified authority (Governikus is an official German government contractor which built the AusweisApp2) to confirm that this openPGP key is in fact part of my digital identity and that is an important link in the Web Of Trust, as it is linked to my official government issued identity.

@solene I used it to learn how to host my personal site on Ipfs. It's an amazing feat. Following the tutorial and opening the CIDs works anywhere still.

Got my OpenPGP Key email IDs certified with my European eID through the German AusweisApp2 software made by Governikus - Check out their service here: pgp.governikus.de/pgp/index.ht

@fribbledom Miniature Wunderland is a technical marvel and this action makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing. I really need to go back there some day with my son.

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The people at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg with another incredible achievement:

Guinness World Record for "Longest melody played by a model train"

Watch this: youtube.com/watch?v=aBNHmUT3GP


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#Lagrange v1.3.1 is out with two new UI languages and some cleanup.


- Serbian and Interlingue as UI languages
- setting for bold links
- new version of the default Nunito font

Bug fixes:
- crash during word wrapping
- keybindings conflict with home row navigation
- broken kerning, various other artifacts in text rendering


Crypto screwup lessons learned 

Wanted to exchange some of the XLM I got through the Keybase Airdrops to Nano. Found swapzone.io which uses Exolix - so I got all the addresses ready after copying the values from the swapzone.io page - but forgot about the importance of the _memo_ field. I didn't copy paste the right number in there. The result: a rejected transaction - while my XLM coins did proceed happily to Exolix's address. Hoping I get to see some of the coins back some day...

Had a great Easter day with my family; we didn't leave the house - but enjoyed the chocolates and had a lot of fun with the new toys the Easter Bunny brought in exchange for my son's pacifiers. He was really brave about giving the pacifiers to the Easter Bunny so the new babies could also have theirs. So proud of him.

@aral May I ask why the choice to accept Nano and not one of the many other cryptos? Hadn't heard of nano before.

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The next release of #Lagrange arrives as March draws to a close:


There's lots to unpack here: UI localization, LibreTranslate integration, collapsing preformatted blocks, alt text, trust via CAs, theme adjustments, bold link appearance with custom icons, touch screen support, runtime UI rescaling, word/paragraph selection, unread feed entry counter, basic command line use, and several UI improvements.


Hadn't seen this great presentation by Zach Leat yet - highly recommended for every web dev out there who understands English and dry humor.: zachleat.com/web/this-website-

The English Law of QR Codes: Presence Tracing and Digital Divides: michae.lv/law-of-qr/

@danie10 Article seems a little limited. They could have referred to content-security policy at the least too: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

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