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I hope this only happens on websites and not IRL @paravelinc

``... col-2 row center-shit flow-reverse ```, line 154

The site seems down - planned maintenance I hope? @rachelandrew

A physical master key, like DiceKey, allows the people I trust and love to not be totally locked out of everything I did and have in my digital presence if something really bad would have happened to me

Nice! Thanks for the link to the "Trust services and electronic identification" page on

Blog post idea: What is the state of electronic identities in Europe across different countries? As a Belgian living in Germany, I can already share the hint that the German eID system is not compatible with the Belgian one. Why is that and is something being done about that? Should there be an European eID?

Watch "Solid - A Better Web (Simply Explained)" on YouTube:

[4K] Walking in Germany Düsseldorf - Empty Airport in Difficult Times - YouTube:

Also wondering how many people remember that you can also use the keyboard's space bar to scroll down on longer pages.

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When I want to slow down, take it easy and read I still use the Lenovo TrackPoint on this keyboard. It's , but quiet and I actually enjoy its middle button scroll - when it works.

Testing to see if Mastodon really cannot render the `<html>` tag.

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When you are debugging someone else's on an HTML page and you can't seem to figure out why a certain class and style persists, see if someone was really clever and declared styles on the tag.

Got my DiceKeys set and two SoloKey USB C 3.0 Tab Hacker keys and first thing I tried was to upgrade the firmware and I almost blew it. Luckily @My1xT was really nice and helpful!:

Trying the Governikus openPGP to eID service out but haven't been successful. Always ending in an internal server error. Contacted their support. Hopefully it's just my openPGP certificate 🙂

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Haven't been on the Scuttlebutt network in a while and I think I'm starting to miss it.

The ability to drag and drop elements in the Firefox "inspect" console is really neat.

Got my European eID card today and got it working pretty well. Next step is to authenticate my openPGP with this official certificate. This is all part of my quest to ban password authentication from this World.

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We had a great time at the Münster Zoo today. Many animals were in winter caches still and we couldn't visit any animal housing because of covid. Nevertheless, we saw enough of the animals and were able to play in the cool playgrounds to make the long trip worthwhile.

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