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Realized that Octonauts takes place in the far future of the timeline that started with the events of Sweet Tooth.

And the summer vacation has officially started.

Imagine opening your bank account details and seeing money added every time, regardless if you had to work for it or not, for as long as you live - that's what wants to achieve -

Is there a way to get rid of all this border-radius on Mac OS "Big Sur"? It feels and looks like I'm working on a toy.

Cool how has the artist "Audiobooks" to track people listening to their own audiobooks...:

I keep reverting the "new Outlook for Mac" design to the old, more familiar one because I am missing some of the missing features and I'm not a fan of this "Playmobil" design "refresh" pushed on to us. Not a fan of Material Design also, I absolute dislike the Gmail UI for the same reasons. Perhaps I am getting old :-D

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You know whats awesome about the fediverse?

Developers working together. This isn't a competition. Everyone wins.

So fortunate that I appeared in a universe where "Crockett's Theme" by Jan Hammer exists.:

Looking for a new desktop or laptop? Perhaps you don't really need a new device at all? I can highly recommend the machines offered by GreenPanda, known by some from the Reteq certificates. No affiliation here or commission. Just a happy customer who wants to contribute his share in lowering the amount of Co2 in the air.

Donated blood at the Düsseldorf Uniklinik with the family today. Happy it worked out as the last time was June 2020...

`$ docker-compose down` - have a nice weekend everyone!

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What should really be worrying you (and policymakers, if only they carried the gene that expresses the ability to have a clue) is that we are effectively limited in choice to two trillion-dollar US corporations for the everyday technology that has unfiltered access to our most intimate and personal thoughts, the power to mediate our reality, determine what we can and cannot say, bound our agency, and redefine the boundaries of personhood itself in the digital network age. Who needs an army, eh?

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This is your monthly reminder to clear your browser cache and cookies.

It's easy to forget that there are a gazillion (not verified) websites out there, until you look up something like "capitals of the World", or "flags of the World". I mostly just go to Wikipedia for this information, out of habit.

Just waited about 5 minutes for the ZX-81 "3D Defender" game to load from the emulated "cassette" and played a more than 40 year old game awkwardly in my browser.

create an instant messaging application following the proposed AI screening regulations, including a public monitoring dashboard (pretending to be police) and make it all open-source and then we'll see what kind of mess it will be for real if this proposal makes it through for real.

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Wow! The Box Acid Test, IE’s quirks mode, K10K, the birth of Firefox (which used to be Phoenix, and then Firebird) … So many memories (of me, all by myself, in front of a screen).


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