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Farhad A wrote the following post Sun, 19 Jun 2022 19:35:46 +0200 1982 - “Tell them.”
- “I did. They laughed.”

1992 - Tell them again."
- “I did. They laughed.”

2002 - You must keep telling them."
- “I do tell them, everyday I tell them few will listen”

“They must listen or it will be too late”

- “It is too late.”

2022 - “Is it really still too late?”
- “It’s way past too late. Fewer people are laughing.”

2033 “Why did no one tell us?”
- “Oh we did, many times, many ways. But we have made progress. No one is laughing anymore.”

#GlobalWarming #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCatastrophe #Environment

Thinking of retiring my "hello" email address and pulling it from public sites like Github. The amount of spam it attracts is staggering.

One of the reasons why I keep my IRC connection going is the amazing IRC channels. Thanks to some awesome bot programming (Loqi) you can follow up pretty neatly what is happening in a unobtrusive, ad-free manner.

Renewed by yearly subscription again (third year) - holding on to the IRC protocol like it's 2010.

Giorgio Moroder - Chase (live by Kebu @ Sthlm Italo Disco Party 2015) - YouTube - Never saw anyone perform this song live with such bravure:

My son is asking questions like "What is war Daddy?" - I feel ashamed as a human being to have to explain him it somehow.

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Site.js version 17.6.0 released

This updates the automatic Let’s Encrypt (LE) functionality to ensure that certificates can continue to be provisioned and renewed past the breaking change LE will implement on September 15, 2022.

(Site.js is a small web server that we use to run all our own sites at Small Technology Foundation and personally.)

#SiteJS #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Thought this was a fun Japanese tune to start the weekend with:

Pepper - アメリカのなんでやねん

or what seems to translate to "American Why Not?"

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Cool, my static private website is on with a page weight of 58.56 KB and carbon per page view of 0.043g. Not the lowest, yet still respectable.

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US Politics 

The insane fact that anyone over 18 can legally obtain a semi-automatic military style weapon and ammunition is absolutely totally bonkers. No normal person outside of police or military should be near any of those extremely deadly weapons. This is one of the reasons I WOULD NEVER WANT TO LIVE in the USA for the sake of my family.

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I can only imagine the horror parents go through after they get news that something really bad happened to their children while at school and they will never come home again; this horrendous thought flashed through my head after realizing how I miss him already by just looking at the way he left his toys around this morning.

Went to see Top gun - Maverick at the movies. It is a cool and heart-felt pop-corn movie and our first time back at the movies in two years. You have to like Tom Cruise of course. If you liked the original Top Gun, you're going to love it. Just the right mix of nostalgia and a coming of age story line.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend! Watch: "Deceptacon" by Le Tigre "Aerobicon" dance at tandemonium on Vimeo:

Highly recommend the NEMO museum in Amsterdam - our 4-year old and the whole family loved it!

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