hey , I'm looking to create a collection of social sustainable VPS providers

some characteristics:
- green energy
- worker owned
- organic growth
- opensource
- NO hyperscale

some examples:

please send me more!


Such lists are needed! Would you consider maintaining it as a curated sub-list of the #delightful project?

You can provide it from any forge. I was also considering adding something similar to awesome-humane-tech, but I might also just cross-ref to a good link from the Related Awesomeness section.

@humanetech hey peeps, I'm thinking heheh

I'll probably open an `awesome-sustainable-vps` or something related somewhere and link it back to `awesome-human-tech` and the project

what do you think?


If it is a good awesome list I can link to it from awesome-humane-tech. But I have no appropriate #delightful list to link from.

The delightful project has 'stricter' rules than awesome project on GH in that only #foss #OpenScience and #OpenData resources are allowed. OTOH less strict is that the list does not have to reside on Github.

Here's the top-level awesome list (with the additional downside that it is ad-sponsored):


might not be a good fit for delightful, since some host providers don't follow a strict environment, but I'll link it under the awesome-human-tech!

hope to get a pull request next week there ✨


Yeah, but in some cases in delightful there can be an exception. There's already one curated sublist delightful-funding, where I allow this.

The argument here is that funding is the Achilles Heel of most #foss projects, and they should have a broad range of options to choose from, weigh the pros and cons for themself. (I'll probably feature the best resources more prominently)

Something similar might apply to you, should you make it a #delightful list.

@humanetech thanks for all the comprehensive list and resources, I’ll check them over the weekend!

also, thanks for taking the time, it’s been my first weeks on the and I’m very happy to fine connections like you ❤️

@jonatasbaldin thanks to you too. It is always nice to see people spending time on projects like yours. And having you on the Fediverse 🤗

@jonatasbaldin hey, great list you have already. Very nice!

I have merged on Awesome #HumaneTech ..

The #delightful PR is more involved. I think it can be a delighful list given the criteria for inclusion you documented. But then it needs to comply to the Delightul format.

This would mean renaming the repo to delightful-sustainable-vps among others.

Note: 'delightful' as name was deliberately chosen, as it expresses more than just 'awesome' (e.g. useful, needed).

@jonatasbaldin if you would rename, then the list would also automatically become part of the deliciously website just started by @yarmo

@humanetech @yarmo

why not!? just renamed the project and the content of the PR for the Delightful project ✨

@jonatasbaldin @yarmo

Woot! The PR has been merged :D

Welcome to the #delightful project. Note that there are a couple of things to change to the list. I've described them in the PR comment.

Now you can also PR to and after things are ready, we'll send some toots around :)

@humanetech sometimes, just sometimes, toots work as a decent PR ersatz 😉 in other words, the sustainable VPS list has just been added to the website :)


@yarmo @jonatasbaldin

Ha ha.. it works even cross-repo..

In what #delightful database category shall we place #IceFireDb?

Suggesting a new one.. see repo issue.

@hbenjamin that is indeed the repo we are talking about :) but @humanetech has a gift for finding niche databases and every time, we need to fit them in the right category. Or, like this time, make a new category!


@humanetech again, I'll never cease to be amazed with how you find all these exotic databases 😅

Yeah, "special purpose" sounds good to me.

No idea what #icefiredb is about yet, will read tomorrow with a clearer mind!

@yarmo wait for a surprising number of new entries.. I had more of them piled up in browser tabs than I remembered :D

@jonatasbaldin excellent! Been looking to shift to Green Host and trying to find others as well

@deasun me too!

hope to compile a list somewhere and link back to this post :)


I ordered a VPS with Greenhost during the week & setting it up now. All good.

But also then found this Icelandic crew. I'm using them for FreeDNS but they provide range of services - decent pricing and seems like great ethos

@gert thanks!

couldn't find any information on pricing, is is there somewhere?

@jonatasbaldin I don't think eclipse is commercial. If you are looking for commercial hosters, I cannot help you i'm afraid.

@gert got it, you need to fit their cause and apply, right?

@gert @jonatasbaldin I wish that site didn't use silly animations which Firefox mobile doesn't seem to like. Makes it very hard to read and is utterly pointless

@jonatasbaldin I started a wiki with some of those characteristics for finding EU-based, US-independent cloud providers.

@jdaviescoates am I right in remembering you have a list with at least some of these criteria?

@handle yeah, mine was just about being renewable powered, but I like the sound of this list too! My list at

@wklew the first one I got noted, thanks!

the second link is about the co-op cloud, the self-hosted app distribution thingy, right?

@jonatasbaldin @wklew I think maybe they both are? There's also a service that begins with an h that some euro folks like?

Of note, the coop cloud folks are kind of a European fork of capsul. They improved a bunch of capsul stuff and then used that source code (permissivly ofc) to run their service. There was a very cool, intense couple of weeks is tight collaboration. You might see something clearer come outta them soon.

@starless @wklew awesome, I’ll keep an eye on that!

These spaces are all new to me, I’m slowly figuring it out. Thanks for the time and guidance ❤️

@jonatasbaldin cool! Yeah, I mostly know the Cyberia folks and a couple of the cloud co-op folks and that's about it.

If it's relevant, we both have very active matrix channels where you could get some clarification.

Regardless, good luck, thanks for putting the list together! 💙

@starless thanks awesome!

could u send me links of the Matrix channels? I think I've never used Matrix before 🤔

@jonatasbaldin this might be more useful than links to individual channels, since you'll need a client or account to view:

Here's a link to our main conversation channel, though:!LGHxbyxxkgToWnsng

Matrix is more like irc and less like a forum, if that's helpful.

@starless thanks, I joined the last link, will see how I can contribute heh

@starless I'm not able to click on your link, but I'm able to see your rooms. Which is the right one?

@jonatasbaldin @starless sorry for the late response, I'm not super familiar with them but saw both mentioned on SSB and they looked rad so thought I'd drop the links!

@petros didn't find anything related to VPS, could you help me out?


we're not great about the green energy aspect yet, but we are slowly working on it.

This post is a good nudge for me to pick up on the research threads I was following before.

@clayton this seems amazing! is there a VPS option for the members?

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