I hate the modern podcast consumerism by big tech.

"Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!"

NO! It is and _it should_ be available every fucking where. I want to download an episode, burn it in a CD and listen in the middle of the woods if I want to.

We don't need Spotify for podcasts.

With that being said, I just _hate_ how Spotify has _exclusive_ podcasts. Fuck them. One more big tech just destroying something open and beautiful.

@jonatasbaldin also, the gall of these people. the definition of podcast is "a program made available in digital format for download over the Internet", usually through rss feeds. they put up fences and then call it a library.

@radamant that's a way to consume, yes, but the main problem is allowing a enterprise to privatize something that was mostly open. I could pirate, but most of the people would prefer to pay Spotify anyway.

Also, we now have Spotify _buying_ exclusivity for shows, _removing_ them from the open web.

That's so fucked up.

@jonatasbaldin it was mostly a joke. I don't even know if there are podcast sharing communities. I stopped listening to "the last podcast on the left" after they got bought out by Spotify and I don't even know if there are people sharing their new episodes. Seems like podcast piracy doesn't exist yet.


yeah, that's fucked up :(

what's the next nice and open thing they are going to take away?

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