built a webview wrapper in rust and typescript (with deno).

(readme coming soon lol)

google glass is the epitome of personal technology. it's the best combination of wearable-ness (and removable-ness; i'm looking at you, neuralink), utility, and design.

#uxn is turning 1 year old tonight.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed code, ideas, time and laughs to help this project grow into what it is now. It was a wonderful year for smol ordinators.


Started building a tiny DOS for managing files from within uxn, something a bit more powerful/dangerous than the launcher rom.

climate, webdev, rant, looking for something else 

I hate my web developer job. No time for unit testing, no time for documentation, no time for creativity or nice algorithms.
Just use whatever trendy JS {front,back}end framework, ship high bandwidth, heavy, soulless sites in no time.
The mere consciousness of it from my colleagues are jokes between two crypto bs talks. The climate catastrophes ahead are literally a joke to them.
I hate that I contribute to this and I want out.

Does anyone here have experience going from this kind of job to a more engineering-focused, ethical one? Tips? Interesting reads? I'd love to hear about it!

Boosts are appreciated!

@neauoire so far what this does is add a basic mouse, and allow changing the colors of the layers

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@neauoire making a templating language for uxntal. not sure whether or not i'll keep going with this, it seems useful but not sure of the extent

@neauoire is there a way to set a standard zoom option on the emulator?

@binarycat Here's a 70MB Javascript file that applies a "minimial" look and feel to your app!

if only the window storage api allowed you to cache from external urls...

does anyone know if there exists a tool that allows for the input of an article link, and outputs the entire article in markdown plus the images in the article?

If not, new project idea: tool that downloads articles plus images, converts the article to .md, allowing for peopel to save and self host articles that they like in the event the article gets deleted in the future

because it's a pwa, the app is static — it downloads one version of the app and it stays that way. however, obviously you want the latest version, so how do you fix this? just a simple little check for the latest commit; if it's different, unregister the service worker and reload the page (it'll automatically register the service worker again on load)!

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