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because it's a pwa, the app is static — it downloads one version of the app and it stays that way. however, obviously you want the latest version, so how do you fix this? just a simple little check for the latest commit; if it's different, unregister the service worker and reload the page (it'll automatically register the service worker again on load)!

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@neauoire is there a better way to keep uxn up to date on windows than just downloading the binary over and over again? i'm sure there is but i'm too ignorant at the moment lol

my generalized goal for the future is to reduce my footprint. by keeping that in mind, i'll be able to accomplish all of my smaller goals — saving money, eating healthy (and eventually becoming pescatarian), writing offline lightweight software, etc

cc @neauoire and other users of : what are some reasons that sourcehut is a more worthy provider than github? i'm not particularly a fan of microsoft owning it but it's easy to use. from what i can tell the creator of sourcehut has some great morals and i'm willing to switch 100%, but i don't really have much of a reason to. also, the big one, how do you deal with the patches being sent over email? thanks!

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Who owns the tools you use to create?

Is it you?

I hope so.

refreshed the site a bit. i caved on a black background (#212121 just wasn't doing it for me), rearranged the projects list so it's chronological, made the "about" section a little more informational, added the cabinet (my equivalent of the halliday journals), and probably other stuff that i forgot because it's 4am.


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