some nights are just really fuckin difficult

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If I can't delete my facebook I'm just going to nuke every single post I have made on there and then leave it blank, then check the messages occasionally in case any of my relatives contact me

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We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

Personal websites and email can replace most of what people like about Facebook—namely the urge to post about their lives online.

does anyone know if there exists a tool that allows for the input of an article link, and outputs the entire article in markdown plus the images in the article?

If not, new project idea: tool that downloads articles plus images, converts the article to .md, allowing for peopel to save and self host articles that they like in the event the article gets deleted in the future

never not take ur meds ranice jesus when will u learn

idea: be a game developer, develop for linux first, port to other platforms, but make the latest game features on linux only first so that people will convert to using linux. stolen from @S4MUR4i

yeah I mint NFTs... Non Flushable Turds :)

never using dating apps ever again i just wanna kms bro

Finally graduated from school (?) can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life: being a hikikomori

Ate KFC for dinner and feeling like shit

Theres a kiwifarms mastodon instance? damn

Letters to Elise by The Cure is a fucking goooood song

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Yeah Web3 wont be real unless all of us make a collective effort to educate the people around us about the benefits of having a decentralised internet that’s not controlled by all these conglomerates

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Cyber safety, the right to data privacy etc should be a part of the Singapore school’s curriculum. Everything that I’ve learnt about data privacy is through the news or forums. This is sad.

I wish the people in my life would stop using Facebook

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