I'm curious to hear about if you've got a project/side project you're working on. What's it about and why are you excited about it πŸ˜πŸ‘‚πŸ»

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@justgage I have several!

Working on an episodic short fim series, all set in a fictional universe "stacked" on top of my actual life. Ties together a great many of my interests. First episode here:

I also just started an indieweb/content project I've wanted to start for a while. Starting on a new content for my artistic output, that I'm hoping will be useful to others:

@fortifieduniverse Wow! That's very creative! Also, Capsule is interesting to me, also quite confusing as well.

What's your motivation for creating a new format for documents? What's the grand vision?

@justgage Thank you!

It's not so much a "new format for documents". It's more of a container format for combined multimedia and prose content.

I'm planning on continuing to refine and clarify the description as things evolve. Still early days.

For now, think of it as a container format, where each "document" is basically a folder, which can contain multiple files.

I generate a lot of creative output in multiple formats. Need a convenient structure to build my journal and release my work.

@fortifieduniverse so the problem is having one document that can be viewed/listened to in multiple formats? I've thought about adding a way to record an audio clip of each card in Topical. Maybe be able to have audio transcriptions of them that way.

@justgage No, not quite.

Think of it more like a "blog post", or a chapter of a book. In either case, there are likely multiple pieces of "content" that get combined and presented as a single thing (a "chapter" or a "blog post").

My goal is to give myself a future-proof, extensible format for that kind of structure that combines artifacts.

And on top of that gets layered metadata about how those "documents" get combined (into a "book" or a "blog timeline", for example).

@justgage Also, I appreciate this conversation.

I'm planning on doing another big revision to the README on the project repository with more detail and (hopefully) more clarity.

Gonna try and have a primitive version of the format up and working, along with a single transpiler implementation within a couple of weeks.

@justgage Like I said... I'll be curious if my next iteration of work makes it clearer. I'll definitely post when I push new stuff. πŸ‘

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