"Technologists today are almost never innovators, but rather plumbers who build pipelines to move ideas in the form of data back and forth with varying efficacy. Users are innovators" emilygorcenski.com/post/angelh

@kevinmarks @chaosexanima and others look at this:

From Tumblr, May 6th:

"We’ve updated the default Official blog theme to be compatible with 2, which allows blogs using the Official theme to be parsed more easily as part of the ."

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Maybe time to repost kevinmarks.com/mastodontheory. for those showing up from twitter
The structure of Mastodon and GnuSocial instances provides multiple visible publics by default, and Mastodon's columnar layout (on wider screens) emphasises this. You have your own public of those you follow, and the notifications sent back in response, as with Twitter. But you also have two more timeline choices - the Local and the Federated.

Super busy day here at his instance. Am 100 percent sure this is the biggest day of new users since the instance launch. In many ways set up the instance as a labor of love for days just like today.
Welcome, all...

These numbers are just from today:

With all the fuss about Twitter’s promised edit button, and how they might design it, we’re missing a disturbing development — Twitter is using it’s embedded javascript to edit other people's sites. kevinmarks.com/twittereditsyou


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