I think crossposting (e.g., between Mastodon and Twitter) is a great idea to distribute your content and stay active in multiple networks, but crossposting should always exclude formats that don't translate well or lose context, such as retweets/retoots, @-mentions and replies. Is there a crossposting tool that automatically removes these?

What good cross posting tools exist that support #activitypub ? If I run a company #Twitter, #Instagram and #facebook presence what would be the easiest way to add #activitypub ?

@abeorch Not sure, most of the "corporate social media" folks I know use proprietary services for that, like #ifttt or #buffer . Maybe #activitypub could be added there. But maybe having open replacements for that would be even better. ☺

@abeorch @lukas . Research Hubzilla because it has largest number of cross-platform plug-ins.

@lukas a great way to crosspost is to host your own microblog, and then use IndieWeb tools to crosspost ( and backfeed if desired ( This is how I post content.

@tobykurien I have a blog hosted at which has native support to share to Twitter, Mastodon and others. But I don't post everything to my site first.

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