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Simone here. I've been a sound and web designer for more than 25 years. Professional bass player and producer, I've been juggling between creativity and technical jobs for decades.

I'm trying to go back to the videogame industry after a 5-year stint as lead sound designer for a console game. I was present at both the launch of Steam by Valve and Game Audio Network Guild, in San Jose, GDC 2002.

Passionate about the small web, static site generators and web standards.

Info about this concept album. 

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I released an autobiographical tale of how my grandfather escaped a concentration camp in 1945, while I made the other way round, looking for answers that I could only find in 2017.

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I've decided to go public with a discount offer for Mastodon users:

- enter the 25% discount code "mastodon" (no quotes) for the album "After 1989: A Trip to Freedom" at this address:

/cc thanks to @ru for sharing :)

Question: are people who switch to a Firefox derivative (e.g. Librewolf) still counted as Firefox users in browser stats? Isn't the agent still Mozilla Firefox?

That is, we are all human after all.
So we should listen, especially to those in need.

There is this proverb in the disability community:

> Not about us without us.

All to often, I see abled people making assumptions about how disabled folks will use something. And designing not to their interests as a result.

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It's been aeons since I've used multiple desktops on macOS. I seem to remember that I could have different icons on different desktops, not just different wallpaper and app windows. Is it a Mandela effect? I mean it's not really useful to me if I can't have custom icons on the desktops, or the Dock.

The documentary "Rams" resonated with me during the first lockdown in 2020, when the shortcomings of our society became visible to everyone.

I watched it again and again. It prompted me to use my portfolio website to write about what I care most. I started with one blog post and continued with the series Design, Digested โ€“ and then its newsletter.

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@m2m well this is actually a quite relevant example. If Spotify has a monopolistic position in the market is also because most of the artists publish their music on their platform.

I've also done the same (after all, if you want visibility you need your content to be on the largest platform). I also have a couple of songs published on Spotify. But I'm considering taking them down and just moving to #Bandcamp instead. Platforms like Bandcamp also have the advantage of cutting the middleman and bring most of the revenue directly to the artists.

If platforms like Bandcamp had a subscribe-and-eat-all-you-can business model as well, and more indie artists published their content only there, then Spotify would bleed both from the demand and supply side.

It is not every day that we get to announce an awesome Blender update. Read the changes (and see their awesome images) at | @blender is #FreeSoftware, which means that users can do their creative work in freedom. Help us cheer them by boosting and liking!

It amazes me whenever I see people saying that per person ecological footprint is no more than an invention made up by corps ("the real bad guys") to silently keep carrying out their own agenda, by diverting the attention of the general public from their responsabilities.

Ok, so you're telling me you believe most people are eager to give up to cars, phones, omnipresent high speed internet connection, meat, imported food and clothes, domestic appliances, heating,cheap non-renewable materials..

Annie Lennox of Eurythmics with a Tandy 200, and Dave Stewart laying with his head on her lap.

Probably the most useful thing I've done with my now defunct Mailchimp account.

Was very excited to read about all the interesting work that could be done for styling RSS feeds when @m2m wrote their blog. So when I helped launch the Hazard Podcast site this weekend I went all in on making a fully done-up podcast feed for the site:

Also, despite what I wrote about not liking whole posts quoted in webmentions, my entire post has been added as a mention to @omgmog website ๐Ÿ˜…

Before using notes for replies, I had a setup so that in case I sent webmentions with a post, only my excerpt would be quoted and I've just changed it... Sorry Max!

@pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

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