👴 OK kids...

Before #Mastodon, before #socialMedia, before the #Web, we had the #BBS.

If you wanna learn from those who came before, here's a comprehensive 5-hour #documentary about bulletin board systems. 🤓

(Of course, given the world back then it's mostly 5 hours of old white guys. So it goes!)


@downey I was too young for the hayday of #BBS but my brother once pretended to be a woman so he could seduce the sysop of a BBS into giving him access to the file sharing area so he could spend a week downloading Pagemaker on like 30 floppys. That's nostalgia for ya! ⌨️

@downey Was it Aldus before it was Adobe? I never heard of Aldus before tbh.

@stemid yeah adobe bought them out and soon directed people to InDesign for "upgrades". I don't think most people really paid much attention to Aldus/Adobe though back then ... there weren't really any viable alternatives (yet)!

@downey wasn't Freehand also by Aldus? Before Macromedia acquired it @stemid


@downey @stemid ha! Fascinating, I didn't know Adobe owned it before having to give it away, only to reacquire it within the Macromedia buyout. What a rollercoaster 😃

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