Likely the best and most useful blogroll page I've ever seen, and it's made by styling OPML:

@m2m Wow. This is next level web stuff to me. Love it. :)

@cstanhope it's amazing, I'm now obsessed with at least style my RSS feed. I guess I can look into OPML in the future...

@neil @cstanhope it's crazy, I didn't bother to find the author on Mastodon 🙈 and also, I didn't bother to check their homepage either. If I had I would have realized I knew that website already! I totally remember it from the time when I was researching the @maya

@m2m @neil @cstanhope hey nw nw mastodon isn't one of those things i'd just assume somebody has, it always still feels like a delightful surprise to run into someone here

@neil thanks for the cc to @maya. I've also checked out your website and of course I remember I saw yours as well months ago, while digging indieweb stuff...

Just noticed your Bandcamp as well, looks like we share a few things :)

@m2m @neil When you do circle around to looking at the OPML parts, there's some documentation and examples available here:

@cstanhope @m2m this is so kind of you to say! it felt like archaeology, looking up XSL references to figure out how to put it together -- "past level web stuff"? :)

@maya I'm rebuilding my RSS feed right now, also applying XSL styles. I'm always late to these things. @cstanhope

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