A blog post documenting the process of building a redesigned feed in human-readable form.

Things I'm happy to have added to my feed, besides the styles:

- author contact information always visible at the top.
- a 'reply via email' link always visible at the bottom.

Several people are using the latter in their feeds, very few are using the former.

The source code is up for grabs. Built with , it should be fairly easy to adapt to and other SSGs.

@m2m I remember being so excited about the possibilities of XSLT back in the early 2000s. Sigh

@aral thanks Aral, I very much care about the small web, so I think every little bit of code towards an improvement in that sense is time well spent :)

@m2m One of my first web dev jobs in the 00s was mostly based around templating static websites using XML generated from Excel spreadsheets, coupled with XSLT.

I still get an uneasy feeling when I see anything relating to Xpath!

@m2m this is awesome, definitely making me want to do something similar on my blog!

I remember playing around with #xslt in the early 00:s. Cool tech, but this is the first really useful implementation I’ve seen. Long live #rss!

@m2m do people do anything to help minimize the spam problems likely to happen with a mailto: link?

@alienghic I do nothing. My email goes through Protonmail and so far only a couple of spam passed through to my inbox. Overall they do a pretty good job with the filtering.

@m2m Mine is but it doesn't work on Safari. (It works on the good version of Safari probably better known as Epiphany.)

Mine is just all Jekyll and Liquid, I didn't XSLT it.

@Sandra @m2m When I have a moment I’m going to see if I can get this working for Hugo.

@Saket @m2m

It's my only "blog view", there's no web version. People were clicking the posts individually in and many years later I made that Atom-based blog view, and a little bit later I made .

I'm super happy if people use RSS readers or planets.

@Sandra just checked it on Safari (v15.4 on macOS) and indeed it asks me if I want to open my default RSS reader. I guess that might be Safari's default behavior when the feed is just XML? I see your syntax is different from mine.

@m2m I see, you're in HTML but still work in feed readers. Pretty nifty! Maybe I'll switch over to that later.

@m2m Totally forgot about this possibility with RSS. Inspired by your implementation I built a similar xsl for the rss feed in my hugo theme. Great work!

@gabmus thanks. I love Jetbrains Mono btw, it's my code editor font :)

@gabmus I was going to work this out for Hugo myself. Any chance you have an example/write-up/repository you’d be willing to share on how you did it?


@Saket @m2m Sure, it's all in my theme's repo:

It needs some fiddling around with hugo tho, so here are some instructions:

- Put your xsl file in /assets/ and call it feed_style.xsl
- You'll need to include my partial /layout/partials/build_assets.html at the top of your /layout/_default/baseof.html
- You will be able to include the xsl in your rss file with the path /feed_style.xsl

If you need anything else, do let me know!

@m2m Oooh I might tinker around with this + hugo tomorrow. Have been meaning to redo some stuff anyway

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