Question: I have this blog post about using macOS Shortcuts to automate my publishing workflow in Jekyll and it's 2057 words. Shall I split it in 2 posts?

Aksing because the scripts are: 1) create a new post and automatically compile the Front Matter; 2) image optimize, renaming, conversion in webp, move to Jekyll's assets folder then fetch width + height and compile a <figure> shortcode in the post.

Since there are two distinct areas, would it be better to have 2 shorter posts?

@m2m Just my opinion. I don’t mind reading longer posts, and I don’t think 2k words is too big.

I’d say do two posts if you think they can both stand on their own.

@m2m I say keep it all as one post. It’s all related to the same workflow, and in my opinion would be easier to relate the two scripts when together.

@m2m if the background of your question is SEO related, I’d say make it two posts that link to each other. Or make it a part 1 and part 2. Otherwise I think it’s perfectly fine to make it one post with perhaps some anchors on top to specific parts.

@m2m In academia we'd say split into 5, the more items published the better for your cv!
(it's funny 'cause it's true)

@m2m Yep. 2 parts. Makes sense. And maybe a 3rd one describing the workflow.

@jwildeboer thanks, I'm inclined to keep it 1 post (I should have made a poll).

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